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Day 8: Tales of the River

Our Sunday didn’t dawn as bright and sunny as the rest of this last week has been. But still, undeterred by a bit of cloud-cover, we decided as it was cool, and somewhat overcast, this would be the perfect day to take the ferry across the mighty St. Lawrence river to well, of course, the other side.

St Lawrence & Québec City [click for larger version]

The other side being the city of Lévis. The historic twin to Québec City. The truth is, there’s not a great deal to see in Lévis, but the whole point of the trip is not to actually visit poor Lévis. But to enjoy the five minute crossing while yes, of course, taking pictures of Québec City. This river crossing is, for some, the highlight of their visit to the city, because of the views afforded passengers.

As you pull away from the quay side in Old Québec, you are gifted a view of the old quarter, citadel, and much of the water front. Which is, in fact, dominated by one world-famous, most photographed building (according to the Guinness book of Records) the glorious Chateau Frontenac!

This hotel is big, I mean BIG on a very large scale, as you will see when you look at the photos below. This single hotel commands everyone’s attention. And even the two cruise ships quay side, look a little dwarfed. The Chateau does that.

Of course, while we took a morning crossing to the other side, a lot of tourists probably do the trip in the evenings—for obvious reasons. The whole of Québec City, lit up, at night, is a wondrous sight to behold. As yes, I promise at some point, we will return to do a night crossing, and show photographic evidence: and see all the pretty lights.

But for now, here are a few sights to see while crossing to the south shore, and what to find in Lévis; the newly renovated waterfront is very family friendly, and there are several kilometres of bike paths for those hearty enough to tackle the steep hills.

For us, it was a couple of hours of walking, followed by a lunch of barbecue pulled pork at Barbacoa. And then, the ferry back to Québec City.


  1. That hotel really is impressive, Alex! It is big, and it’s also beautiful. I can see how people make that ferry trip just for the view. And I’ll bet the skyline is gorgeous at night. Lucky you to have that beauty all around.

  2. La Blonde says

    I don’t know if the owners and builders, back in the day, had any idea of the popularity this building would have then, and now, Margot. But they sure built for grandeur and scale, that’s for sure! 😉

    It really does dominate the skyline, but in the nicest way possible. And, yes, we’re very lucky to be living in the best little City on the planet!

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Norrie. And if that’s the case you would probably love the restaurant, who do five different styles of BBQ! 😊

  3. The Levis waterfront looks really nice. It’s kind of like Halifax and Dartmouth – people say the best thing about Dartmouth is its view of Halifax.

    Some day I’m going to stay at the Chateau Frontenac… 🙂

    • Alex says

      Ah, you hit the nail right on there, with your comparison, Naomi. It really is similar. 😀

      Oh, and you and I both then … one day, right?

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of your walkabouts, Alexandra. They always show the character of the scene, like the cold river water. Beautiful imagery!

    • Alex says

      You are very welcome Kenny. I’m glad you too are enjoying our trips out. And no, you wouldn’t want to fall in the river, I think its probably frigid! Brrr…

    • La Blonde says

      Thanks, Veronica. I’m lucky enough to live in a great little city, that’s full of wonder, and easy to get around! 😀

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