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Day 16: Plains of Abraham

Today we had something of a late start to our morning having gone to sleep with the windows closed, last night. Due to the rain, I might add, and not because of any heat issues. And while we might have hoped for cooler weather today—after yesterday’s day of rain—it dawned humid, hot, and sunny. Change of plans. Instead of a long walk, we shifted to our Plan B. Took a short bus ride to the Grand Theatre de Québec (under reno), and headed for the Jeanne D’Arc Gardens. Which was to be our start point of a short walk around the Plains of Abraham, the historic site where the French and British, under the commands of Montcalm and Wolfe, battled for supremacy. This was to be a monument walk around the Plains, however, the city doing a year of refurbishment and repair works, also included works in and around the plains. Walls being rebuilt, monuments cleaned, areas re-grassed, that sort of thing. So our short walk tuned out even shorter than expected. Which, given the …

Day Three: Québec’s Birthday

Today is Québec City’s 410th birthday and luckily for us, the weather has been kinder than it was yesterday. While still dauntingly hot, there was, at least, a decent breeze that made it possible for no one to faint from heat-stroke. The resident regiment, the Van Doos or, the 22nd, marched down St-Louis from their barracks at the Citadel to gather, with dignitaries, by the Chateau Frontenac beneath Montcalm’s Monument, where there are a number of speeches given. We always skip this part, because it’s important to arrive fairly early outside the Hotel de Ville to find a good spot from which to watch. We staked our spot out behind the barrier, took our complimentary free flag to wave, and waited. You hear the band of the Police de Québec first, as they lead off the Parade from the Terrace Dufferin. They don’t stop though as they reach us, and march right on through. Something I always find amusing. We wave them goodbye. Then, you hear Regimental band arriving. They’re all dressed in their finery. …

The July Project

Because I only really just started this blog a few months back, and I don’t want to leave you, my wonderful readers, in suspension while me and mine take the whole (yes the WHOLE) month of July off on vacation. I decided to do my version of The July Project (and hopefully be able to continue for the whole month) — as inspired by a post I just read over at Naomi’s blog, Consumed By Ink, about the adventures of Sandra Phinney and Melanie Chambers. They both “Toured” their respective cities for a whole month, as tourists (something me and mine have done before, but never ‘blogged’ about). So, dear reader, stand by for a month-long tour of what you can expect to see and or do here, in my little corner of the world, in Québec City. Just so we’re clear, there will be no photographic evidence of me skinny dipping … ever!