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Food for Thought

Okay, I’m conflicted and need your help. Do I do Chinese Five Spice pork and noodles for dinner tonight, or go with Moroccan pork and peppers with lemon couscous? I’m leaning towards Chinese, because it’s quick and easy. What say you good people?

Les Halles

There are, in my estimation, only two ways to cook: slowly or really fast. Every other way is wasted on me. I love meals that can be thrown into one large pot, put in the oven for 2 to 3, or four hours, and left to do what science intended. Become a veritable feast to the senses. Slow cooking allows all the ingredients to break down and become harmonious in flavour. It is important to understand how this process works on a minimal level and how herbs amplify slow cooking to a whole other degree. Herbs and slow cooking are synonymous; as are spices and fast cooking. For me the art of fast cooking, be that either using a wok or frying pan, is knowing what spices work well with whatever cut of meat and or veggies I’m using, to achieve either a subtle, or what I call, explosive dish. Spices that either tickle the tongue with delight. Or spices that all but take your breath away. Not because they are burning your mouth in …