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Summer Reading

I’ve wandered across a number of book bloggers this last week all posting lists of their (hoped for) summer reads. And, as of last night, I now know I’ll be off for the entire month of July. With this knowledge in hand, I began wondering whether I would set aside time to read, and if so, what books I might like to buy. Given my ‘Wish-lists’ on both Amazon and Chapters-Indigo (the Canadian version of Amazon) are always and ever growing, I am at no loss for choice. So here are the titles that peeked my interest, 10 very eclectic books:

It’s Criminal

Some say follow the money, I say, follow the links: Margot Kinberg, over at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, has written an interesting ‘In The Spotlight’ post about the thriller FORTY ACRES by Dwayne Alexander Smith. Talking about how powerful intelligent people can still be swayed (with a small suspension of disbelief on our part) by a charismatic persona. Also very interesting and well worth a couple of minutes to go read is FictionFan’s review of Forty Acres over on her blog. The delightful Sarah Ward, she of CrimePieces, has an excellent in-depth Q&A with author, D.B. John, author STAR OF THE NORTH, his exceptional thriller set in North Korea. And yes, already on my Wish List to buy. And if you still have time left and coffee to drink, stop by Brad, he of AhSweetMysteryBlog, an immerse yourself in his verbiage, you won’t regret it. He writes some of the best post I’ve ever read, including todays: Pondering the Impossible Christie-Style.