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Day Two: Botanic Gardens

We’re at home, staying cool and hydrated because, at the moment (it’s 5pm in the afternoon) and it is officially 31 degrees out there! When factoring in the humidity (which is extremely high) it feels like 44 — yes, I mean FORTY-FOUR degrees and frying. Not to be out done by the scarily hot weather, we went out earlier this morning to take a short trip to the University Laval to see the Botanic Gardens. One of my all-time fav places to visit. Being a flower lover, I try to visit the gardens at least once a week. And while I might stay there anywhere between 1 and 4 hours on a normal visit. Today we were there for just under an hour (for health reasons). No one wants to fry in this kind of heat. This afternoon has been dedicated to reading. Meanwhile, here’s just a snapshot of some of the beautiful flowers we saw.


I took an early bus up to the University Laval this morning, and the Roger Van den Hende Botanic Gardens to see what spring flowers were in bloom, and wasn’t disappointed. Though not in full-bloom yet, even though we’re well into the first week of May, there was, nonetheless, plenty to see. Including a few tulips, daffodils, primula, and the most gloriously perfumed hyacinths you could imagine. I was also privy to a spectacular show of colour from any number of birds—some of whose names escape me—as they darted back and forth from the feeders.