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Book Review

I hope you’ll take time to go read my review of HIVE MONKEY, written by Brit author Gareth L. Powell, which is the second in his trilogy featuring a cigar chewing sentient ape, Ack-Ack Macaque. Piqued your interest? Go have a read.

The Stockholm Octavo, by Karen Engelmann

DETAILS Title: THE STOCKHOLM OCTAVO Author: Karen Engelmann Publisher: Ecco, 2012 ISBN: 9780061995347 Genre: Historical Fiction BACKCOVER BLURB Life is close to perfect for Emil Larsson, a self-satisfied bureaucrat in the Office of Customs and Excise in 1791 Stockholm. He is a true man of the Town—a drinker, card player, and contented bachelor—until one evening when Mrs. Sofia Sparrow, a fortune-teller and proprietor of an exclusive gaming parlour, shares with him a vision she has had: a golden path that will lead him to love and connection. She lays an Octavo for him, a spread of eight cards that augur the eight individuals who can help him realize this vision—if he can find them. WHAT I THOUGHT THE STOCKHOLM OCTAVO is a wonderfully written historical thriller full of murder, intrigue, fans—and yes, I mean those kind of fans. Fans women use to use to fan themselves with, and more, with a deft hand, secretly signal to friends and lovers—and yes, a dash of romance. A story that is as much about cartomancy decked out with …

Fizzled Fire

I’m struggling. Oh boy am I struggling. What with I hear you ask? My latest read, The Fire Court, by Andrew Taylor. Which is a shame, because I read The Ashes of London (book 1) in two fast sittings. I practically ate it up, it was such an interesting read. Well, for me at least. I loved the setting, the period surrounding the Great Fire of London, which came just after the restoration of Charles II to the throne, and the ending of the Cromwell Era. An absolutely fascinating time, with lots of intrigue, subterfuge, and yes, Regicide (don’t you just love that word?) followed by one of the greatest tragedies of the time, a fire that nearly consumed London. So, what’s not to love. The Ashes of London certainly delivered, with intriguing suspense littered with a couple of baffling murders, and a merry chase through the streets of London. I thoroughly enjoyed the shenanigans, which was also tinged with some tragedy and heartbreak. So why am I having a hard time reading book two, …