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Fellow Followers

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Food for Thought

Okay, I’m conflicted and need your help. Do I do Chinese Five Spice pork and noodles for dinner tonight, or go with Moroccan pork and peppers with lemon couscous? I’m leaning towards Chinese, because it’s quick and easy. What say you good people?

Portents & Omens

About Last Night … I think I should have taken last nights vivid red skies as a warning, or portent of things to come. Realising that maybe Thor and Odin were, once again, engaged in a battle staining the skies red with the blood of their enemies … or, that Mother Nature was simply putting on a good show. Either way, maybe the events that unfolded might not have been such a surprised had we heeded the import of such beautiful but beguiling red skies. As it was, despite wanting to go to bed early last night, it was after eleven by the time we hit the sheets. And then, tossing and turning, neither of us could find sleep. We both ended up getting out of bed, going to the loo, having a drink, and trying again to find sleep. But even as we drifted off into NeverNever Land someone, or, something, or, imbued with supernatural abilities, one of our plants leapt off a DVD unit and crashed to the floor at just after 3:30 …

Thoughtful Thursday

I’m having this on-going struggle with social media, and how it relates to me. I left Facebook at the beginning of the year, and now, am seriously thinking of deleting my Twitter account. I understand from a marketing POV, it can be invaluable across all platforms. But for personal use, and in keeping connected with people (as individuals) does it really work? I’m not so sure. I just recently returned back to blogging as my means of making social connections with other like-minded people, and indulging in talking about the things that I love and or that matters to me. Blog posts offer the opportunity to be more in-depth, to talk at length, and to cover topics and subjects 140 to 280 characters simply cannot do justice too. I suppose what it comes down to is there are those who blog, and blog successfully in their given niche, which, for most of us, appears to be all things related to and about books. And then, there are those who have found their ‘voices’ on one …