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Geronima Geranium

Yes, I know, I name my plants just as I name the local wild life, so sue me already. I’m British, I’m peculiar, eccentric, and as this is a plant, and alive, it gets named. Meet Geronima Geranium, of the Pelargonium family, she’s visiting for the summer.

Flying with Superman

RIP MARGOT KIDDER, 1948 – 2018 A Canadian, a mother, a grandmother, an actress, a humanitarian and a woman who battled mental health issues, Margot Kidder was many things. To me, she was and will always be, first and foremost, an inspiration. You will be missed by us all.  

Quiet Snows Falling In April

It’s snowing … AGAIN! I was told when I moved to Québec that there were only TWO seasons. No, seriously. Two! WINTER and JULY! Go on, think about that for a minute … that would mean … yes, snow for 11 months of the year. Now excuse me while I go in the corner, and cry.