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Caruso Sings!

From about 4:30 every morning this little vocalist starts singing his heart out, and doesn’t quit till the sun goes down. He’s a song sparrow, in case anyone was wondering, and we’ve named him Caruso. I mean, what else could we call him?

Long Holiday Weekend

The Best Laid Plans of … As they say, the best laid plans do not always work out and, given how the weather is wont to do Her own thing these days. Our plans to go see 1200 vintage cars at the Montmorency Falls just outside Québec City—that includes a spectacular view across the river—were dashed. The forecast was for violent rainstorms from noonish onwards. So, being ever flexible and, of course, not wanting to walk up and down lines of cars, in the rain, in muddy fields, we went to Plan B. It’s always good to have a Plan B on hand. Especially as we live in one of the most beautiful little cities on the planet. There is no lack of places and monuments to go visit, and enjoy a latte with a view. Well, we went down into the Old Post and, while it remained heavy and overcast, the forecast rain never arrived. And we found time to not only have morning coffee and cake, but later, after walking our legs off, …

Geronima Geranium

Yes, I know, I name my plants just as I name the local wild life, so sue me already. I’m British, I’m peculiar, eccentric, and as this is a plant, and alive, it gets named. Meet Geronima Geranium, of the Pelargonium family, she’s visiting for the summer.