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News Alert #1

Hot off the bongo-drums on Twitter, I see that new galleys are available for KINGDOM OF THE BLIND, by Louise Penny, via @weiss_squad. Now, if only I were a member. Also, there’s an interesting piece on Louise Penny: By the book (or should that read: buy the book?) over on the NYT, originally published Aug last year. Still worth a few minutes of your time to go have a read. And if you still have time, check out a super short story, The Empty Chair, by Stephanie Marland (A.K.A. Crimethrillergirl) over on the UK newspaper, The Express, website. Cleverly twisted!

Author Interviews

I’ve been doing some folder & file housekeeping this afternoon and wondered who, amongst you, would be interested in my posting a section with interviews? I ask, because a few authors I know have expressed an interest in being interviewed. And for me, it’s always interesting to read a good (but succinct) interview, especially when it features an author’s up coming book release as well. I wouldn’t be doing that many, and only of authors who really interest me. But again, only if there is an interest and appetite. Sometimes, like reviews, we can get inundated with similar or the same sounding interviews. I don’t want to do ‘Blog Tour’ posts, as they don’t interest me in the slightest. But I do like stumbling across odd and quirky interviews just as much as I do a good review. Anyway, let me know your thoughts, as usual, in the comments. Thanks!

It’s All A Point of View

Well, I’ve finished rushing around for the morning, doing laundry, buying groceries, and doing various plant watering duties. I’m sat in the office, at my desk, with a favourite cup of Moroccan mint tea scenting the air, and I’m wondering what today’s post should be about — certainly not the humdrum mundanities of most Monday mornings. So I went surfing the Blog-O-Sphere to see what everyone else was talking about (books, of course) and, as I haven’t finished the book I started late last week (The Fire Court) I have no review to offer. But I did stop in over the weekend at Reading Under the Blankie (which is a great name and I wish I had thought of that) where Norrie had been having something of a discussion, or maybe, non-discussion? About book rating systems and what does everyone use. Of course, anyone that stops by to read her reviews knows she uses hearts instead of stars, which is perfect. Others use 1-5 stars to rate, some prefer to be a little more in-depth, …

Summer Reading

I’ve wandered across a number of book bloggers this last week all posting lists of their (hoped for) summer reads. And, as of last night, I now know I’ll be off for the entire month of July. With this knowledge in hand, I began wondering whether I would set aside time to read, and if so, what books I might like to buy. Given my ‘Wish-lists’ on both Amazon and Chapters-Indigo (the Canadian version of Amazon) are always and ever growing, I am at no loss for choice. So here are the titles that peeked my interest, 10 very eclectic books: