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It’s coming up for that time of year, again, and the City always dresses up the gardens in and around City Hall (Hôtel de ville) for everyone’s enjoyment: tourist and resident alike. It’s always fun to see what they will come up with. Does your town or city get carried away at Halloween as we do here? And yes, that’s fake steam you can see coming off the garden … spooky, right? Oh, and that’s me next to the giant pumpkin, I’m the one wearing the black toque looking spiffy in my sunglasses!

The Queen Mary II

As we are a city of culture and heritage situated along the mighty St. Lawrence river, we are also fortunate enough to be a popular destination for many tourists, including a full schedule of cruise ships. Who come here spring, summer, and especially, throughout the Fall. This past weekend saw the gigantic Queen Mary II pull into port and grace us with her presence for a full two days. Disgorging several hundred passengers to sightsee our beautiful city. Like many locals, I grabbed my camera and went to pay the Queen a visit and, as you will see, the ships moor almost right next to street in the Old Quarter—talk about great views.

It’s Art …

No, Really … It’s Art! This has to be one of the strangest Art installations that are dotted around the Old Quarter, this summer. It’s a mini man-made island with glowing green animals that don’t quite make up the pairs that might have boarded Noah’s Arc. Worse, they’re this colour because they glow at night! Even more scary, if you look closely, amid the bears, kangaroo, and other so-called ‘normal’ animals, there appears to be a mini person with a horned bull’s head. If it’s there to frighten the ducks away, it’s not working. They seems to fit right in and have made this floating structure, their home. At least they seem to appreciate the art!