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It’s coming up for that time of year, again, and the City always dresses up the gardens in and around City Hall (Hôtel de ville) for everyone’s enjoyment: tourist and resident alike. It’s always fun to see what they will come up with. Does your town or city get carried away at Halloween as we do here?

And yes, that’s fake steam you can see coming off the garden … spooky, right? Oh, and that’s me next to the giant pumpkin, I’m the one wearing the black toque looking spiffy in my sunglasses!


  1. How deliciously spooky it looks, Alex! And those gourds are beautiful. How nice that the city does this. And I must say, you look great in that toque and sunglasses. Quite spiffy indeed!

    • Alexandra says

      Like a big kid, I love that they do this here for families, Margot. And not just at City Hall but all over the city parks and public spaces. And where they get all the pumpkins from is beyond me, because they always have so many.

      And thank you, I don’t normally take selfies, but next to that huge pumpkin, I couldn’t resist. 😀

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