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It’s Art …

No, Really … It’s Art!

This has to be one of the strangest Art installations that are dotted around the Old Quarter, this summer. It’s a mini man-made island with glowing green animals that don’t quite make up the pairs that might have boarded Noah’s Arc. Worse, they’re this colour because they glow at night!

Even more scary, if you look closely, amid the bears, kangaroo, and other so-called ‘normal’ animals, there appears to be a mini person with a horned bull’s head. If it’s there to frighten the ducks away, it’s not working. They seems to fit right in and have made this floating structure, their home.

At least they seem to appreciate the art!


  1. Aww, i dunno… i think it’s kinda cute.
    I was walking around in Luxembourg when i spotted a statue of a male deer shagging a female one in a very human pose. I think that was more disturbing 😂

    • Alex says

      Ha! Ha! Okay, you win! Your art encounter was way more disturbing! 😀

      This one is just plain weird.

  2. It is strange, Alex. But, joking aside, it is also unique, and it gets attention. Perhaps that was part of its purpose? In any case, the ducks like it! 😉

    • Alex says

      Oh, indeed, it was definitely an installation meant to start a conversation around. As well as being somewhat strange, it is amusing nonetheless!

      And the ducks probably have better taste than most, right? 😉

    • Alex says

      It’s fun, for sure, Veronica. And most definitely weird as far as art goes!

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