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Mother Nature sure knows how to express Herself. I’m patiently waiting for a hail storm to arrive. No, really … I know we won’t get one, still, a part of me wonders if She might find time to squeeze it in. Given we’ve had everything but snow today!

We had heavy mists this morning, sunshine, dark thunderous clouds, sunshine, lightning somewhere in the distance, more sunshine, more clouds, hot winds, roaring winds, and just now, a torrential downpour … what’s next?

We still have a few more hours of daylight left.


    • Alex says

      Such is her nature, Margot, the ominous dark grey clouds blew through and we’re now under blue skies and back to 30+ degrees! I took my jeans off and put on shorts! ☺️

    • Alex says

      Hail, when small, can be fun, Veronica. But they were warning golfball sized hail, which could have been dangerous if it had fallen. As it was it never arrived! 😜

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