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The Vagaries of the Weather: an aside

July is one of those months were the weather can fluctuate to extremes. And while the first 5 days have been hotter than hell, and the humidity nigh on impossible—today was totally different; we needed coats.

Yesterday: 44 degrees | blistering heat | humidex high
Today: 18 degrees | overcast | gusting 30+ km winds


  1. Wow, what a contrast, Alex! Hard to believe it’s the same place. It reminds me of when we lived for a few years in the US Midwest. The weather often went to extremes there, too.

    • Alex says

      It can get crazy up here, at times, Margot. And is more to do with how the Jetstream is behaving. If it goes into big loops it can mean really scortching temperatures or freezing temps. In other words, it suchs up the heat from down south as happened these last five days, then the Jetstream changed direstions, and is pulling air down off the artic!

      It beats the skin-peeling humidity!

  2. Omg, sounds awful!
    I remember temperature like that in my native country but it’s not humid.
    Now in the UK I’m happy when it goes above 25C… 😂

    • Alex says

      It can be madness, Norrie. We call where we live, the Frozen North for good reason, so extended extreme heat is, for us too, unusual. This is not Arizona but, apparently, we had it hotter than New Mexico! Go figure.

      And yeah, as an ex-pat Brit, the English weather is tame by comparison. 😉

  3. That is quite an extreme change Alex. Hope you are adjusting to those temperature swings. ❤️

    England is sill going through heatwave, I just can not believe how warm this summer has been. Even though I am not a fan of heat, I am enjoying those blue skies, morning sunny walks and evening BBQs.

    • Alex says

      Mother Nature’s mood swings aside, we’re not complaining up here, as the cooler weather means we can go out and about all day long, and not seek shelter for heat stroke!

      Oh, and I bet you are enjoying it in the UK too, Vera. Suck it all up while it lasts. 😊

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