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Happy Canada Day

There are many things that happen on July 1 here, in Quebec City—not least of which it’s moving day. But also, for those who don’t know, it’s also Canada Day. Canada’s official birthday, which is celebrated countrywide with parades, a bit of pom, and usually, a lot of fireworks. For us here, in this French-speaking Province, there are a number of events.

At noon, up at the Citadel, they fire a canon to herald midday, which would have seen the Mayor and other dignitaries give speeches commemorating Canada Day up on the Terrace Dufferin. Whereupon chefs from the Chateau Frontenac usually bring out the biggest Canada Day cake you’ve ever seen, put it out on trestle tables, cut into it, and serve everyone present with free cake. I kid you not.

There is also a Family Area on the Plains of Abraham with free activities for all, including face painting, bouncy castles and the like. Here there’s also free cake given away by the plateful. Also, the Army sets up a tent cooks hot dogs, and feed anyone who wants a dog and drink, again, for free.

Shameless floral eye-candy!

There are also plants given away, along with flags, pins, hats, and other assorted kid-friendly items.

So, where did we decide to go to celebrate Canada Day today?

Given we have done all these other events before, many times, we decided to try a German Beer Garden (festival) being held this weekend only, at the Domaine Maizerets. Well, of course, the weather didn’t really cooperate. It was supposed to be a bright sunny, warm day. But by the time we got to the park at around noon, it was a wee bitty on the chilly side and somewhat overcast.

Still, not to be deterred, we went to see what goodies might be on offer. I mean, summer, beer, and hot dogs go together, right? Well, you would think so. But maybe we had expectations because what we found when we got there was nothing like any German Beer Garden I’ve ever been too. And I’ve been to more than a few in my life time.

Not to be put off by the fact that what we had seen on the website was not the reality on-sight at the park, we took to the hiking paths in and around the park and, in fact, had a lovely couple of hours in the cool, looking for and finding lots of common green frogs. Yes, I know, nothing like diverting our attention doing something else when we found no German beer was on tap!

So that, dear reader, was our first day of our holidays. Spent out in the woods and marshy bogs of the Domaine Maizerets, hunting green frogs, and trying not to think of what might have been if there had actually been a Beer Fest going on.


  1. Happy Canada Day, Alex! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day, even if it didn’t turn out as expected. Sometimes those unexpected things are really pleasant.

    • Alex says

      Thank you, Margot. We had a great day despite the early weather being once again, iffy. But we’ve come to expect that and alway have a Plan B to hand. We took raincoats, just in case, and wore sturdy boots for the terrain, knowing we would go for the walk regardless of the beer.

      And who couldn’t enjoy finding frogs? ☺️

  2. Happy Canada day Alex. 🙂

    Sometimes, our ability to work with plans that didn’t turn out as expected, is what makes this life so beautiful. The unexpected surprises our sometimes our universe whispering ‘I have a different plan but it will be worth it, promise’. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your plan B. 🙂

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Vera!

      That’s one of the wonderful things about living here, we can always have a great plan b to fall back on. So it worked out just fine. And we topped it off last night with fireworks. Who doesn’t love fireworks? ☺️

  3. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as going to a festival that’s a big ol’ flop because you know your whole day is basically ruined. I’m glad you were able to make something out of it.

    • La Blonde says

      I know I’m becoming more Canadian than British now, after all these years, because we make Plan Bs just in case of bad weather, cancellations, or both and usually have as much or more fun! 😉

  4. Happy Canada Day!
    Too bad the beer garden was a disappointment, but your walk looks lovely. And I always say too cold is better than too hot! but, that’s just me. 🙂
    We went down to Wolfville to visit my parents for Canada Day… ate good food and delicious cake!

    • La Blonde says

      Happy Canada Day to you too, Naomi! I hope you had a great time with the family, and who doesn’t love cake on Canada Day? 😀

      For us, I guess the Universe was looking out for our health, because instead of beer and German Hot Dogs, we had a good hike around the gardens and through the forest areas, and burnt calories instead of ingesting them!

  5. I meant to wish you on the 1st but somehow I forgot! I forget a lot of things these days!

    I remembered ‘cos my sister lives in Edmonton!

    Happy Belated Canada Day!

    • Alex says

      Aww, that’s sweet of you, Veronica. You are a dear to remember at all! 👍

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