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Day Seven: Bois de Coulonge

Or, in English: the woods of the Coulonge.

Yesterday saw us take a long, slow walk out to the Bois de Coulonge, the former residences of the Governor General of Québec, dating from 1657. When the residence burned down, however, the grounds were turned into a park rather than rebuilding the gutted buildings.

So, under clear blue skies and cooler temperatures—25 degrees with a lovely light breeze—we ambled our way around 24 hectares of parkland and wood, with manicured lawns, an orchard, wild wood, where, at the end of winter, due to all the maples in the park area, they open a Sugar Shack. Yes, you can go and buy fresh made maple syrup by the gallon jug!

There’s also a lovely gazebo with commanding views out over the St. Lawrence river, one of our favourite spots to go and sit in the shade.

St Lawrence river panorama

This is, for us, our local park, being only a ten minute walk from our apartment complex, so we visit often through the various season, and have seen a great deal of wildlife in there too. Foxes, skunk, various owls, buzzards, hawks, ground hog (of course) and the usual birdlife too.

It’s a wonderful, healthy way to spend 2-3 hours soaking up the sun, and getting a bit more exercise. I hope you enjoy the views.


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous, Alex! I can see how a person would want to take some time and really take a nicely-paced walk through here. And that view of the sea – beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex says

      A beautiful park, Margot, with something different to see everytime we go, depending on the season. And what’s great is there are so many different paths you can take that offer up different walks.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the views.

  2. What a beautiful park. It looks huge! And I love the gatehouse! Can you go inside the gatehouse?

    • Alex says

      Indeed, Naomi, it’s lovely, and yes, huge: 24 hectares. And yes, the Gatehouse is, in fact, a small summer cafe. A little oasis at the end of a walk out!

    • La Blonde says

      You can see why we are so very happy that this is our local park, Sandra. It really is a little gem for all sorts of walks; long and short.

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