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Day Four: Home on the Range

First of all let me just wish all my American readers a very happy 4th of July. Have a great day everyone, even if you did kick British butt! 😉

Secondly, I’m at home alone today, doing, well, laundry and playing catch-up with household chores. Not because I want to, but because the Other Half—Left Brain—was asked to go into work today for an extra-ordinary meeting that they had to attend due to the client’s request.

I’m also stuck at home because we discovered a leak in the guest bathroom. Well, we think it’s a leak, as water had pooled beneath the cistern. It could just be condensation from the extreme heat. Especially as we’ve had the apartment closed up, to keep it cool. So, of course, someone has to wait in for maintenance to come.

Anyway, my time home alone has given me the opportunity to download all the photos from both cameras, and back them up to HD, never mind what I have on my smart phone. In just three days alone, we’ve acquired way too many images of goats, guardsmen, and lots of pretty flowers!

I won’t bore you further with another gallery. But I will mention we watched a movie last night: Victoria and Abdul [there is an interesting article about the “friendship” here, at the Smithsonian] is about one of the most unusual friendships in history.

Victoria and Abdul is a moving, poignant, heartfelt, laugh-out-loud fun and yes, tearful at the end. Every heartstring and every emotion possible is pulled and plucked, while the dialogue is, as you would expect from a BBC coproduction with Working Titles Films, funny, acerbic, scathing, observant, and so much more. The asides and back chat, the whispers and hushed conversations, as important as every wonderful moment between Dame Judi Dench, as Victoria, and Ali Fazal, as Abdul Karim, her beloved Munshi [teacher] and, over the years, a trusted advisor. He gave her daily lessons in Urdu (how to write and speak the language) and counselled her on Indian Affairs, much to the consternation of her other advisors at the time, including Bertie — later to become the short lived King Edward VII.

Their 14 year friendship is squashed into a near two hour movie, so I’m sure a great deal has been sacrificed to give us this ‘snap-shot’ of their time together. But what a glorious snap-shot of a movie. Beautifully filmed and acted by the stellar cast of famous Brit actors. This is, for me at least, one of those outstanding movies that I am sure, will stand the test of time. Reminiscent of those Merchant Ivory productions, that suck you in and don’t let you go till the last frame has flickered off the screen.

Two-thumbs up!


  1. I’ve been wondering whether I ought to see that film, Alex. It’s good to know that it’s that much worth a view. And sometimes, it’s good to stay home and do ‘household’ things, That has its own sort of restfulness.

    • Alex says

      After getting up early, to get out and about before the heat becomes unbearable, you’re right, it’s a small blessing to be able to get up a little later (30 mins) and then, stay home and read! 😉

      And yes, the movie was an absolute delight. A definite must-see, Margot.

  2. I step away, again, from the Internet only to discover you’re home alone with leaky plumbing, bulging memory cards, and half a brain. Little Sis, what’s up with that? 🤓

    Anyway, there’s enough firecrackers and more massive explosives detonating on the streets around here that it sounds like a small-arms firefight outside with many mortar rounds rattling the windows. It’s dry and hot today, add 1.4 million pissed off, anti-Spanky people in possession of barely legal fireworks, and you have an alarming situation. Not good!

    I love Dame Judi Dench movies and will keep an eye out for “Victoria and Abdul.” I will now catch up with your photo galleries. In the meantime, Alexandra, please attempt to stay out of trouble. 🤠

    • Alex says

      Ha! Ha! I know, I attract trouble some days, Kenny, but so far, we’re having a lovely, heated up, but enjoyable holiday.

      I don’t know about you, down there though, knowing the State you live in, Kenny. Is it safe to even let the cat or dog out, given everyone’s love of fireworks? 😉 But seriously, as an avid watcher of fireworks, I do envy you on the 4th, as I miss seeing all those beautiful BIG bangs! We put on a good one up here, for our small parties, but you guys? Oh, my, there’s no matching you for putting on a show.

      Meantime, Sweetie, have a great Fourth down there, and stay safe. Oh, and have a hot dog or two for me will you. Damn, I do miss my dogs. 😀

    • Alex says

      Oh, indeed, Sandra. It really is one of those soon to be classic movies where the dialogue and action (such as it is in this kind of movie) has you both laughing and emoting in the same heartbeat. It really was thoroughly enjoyable and moving.

  3. Good luck with that leak! I really hope it gets fixed soon and that’s it is nothing major.

    That movie sounds wonderful by the way. I am a big Dame Judy Dench fan and am looking forward to watching it.

    • Alex says

      Thankfully, maintenance came around this afternoon and took care of the leak, Vera. So no more mini puddle. These guys are quick!

      Oh, and I think you would love the movie. It’s thoughtful, and poignant, and really gives a look (however briefly) into both sides of the India/British conflict, while still being a heartwarming story of an unusual friendship. I do hope you enjoy it.

  4. I haven’t heard of this movie – it’s good to know you liked it so much! I’ll be watching for it now…
    Good luck with your leak!

    • Alex says

      I think it was one of last year’s movies that flew under the radar. Considered for an Oscar, but never nominated. And yes, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

      Oh, and the leak got fixed within hours, thanks!

    • Alex says

      Wasn’t she amazing! I never tire of watching anything she stars in, Veronica. 😊

      • I think I have watched most of her movies. The last was Esio Trot. She was adorable as Mrs Lavinia Silver. And Dustin Hoffman was amazing too.

        • Alex says

          Oh, now why haven’t I heard of that movie? I must go check it out, Veronica. Thanks for letting me know. 👍

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