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Day Five: The Art Museum

Which in French is, Musée National des Beaux-Arts. Now doesn’t that sound so much more grander than, we went to the Art Museum? Of course it does.

The whole point of today was to go somewhere with AirCon, where we could just amble around and take our time, and stay cool from the blistering heat. Because, just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter out there, the thermometer read 28 degrees at 8:30 this morning, and has climbed to a sweltering 34 that, with the humidex factored in, is a skin-peeling 45 degrees!

So who wouldn’t want to go to a museum and wander the corridors admiring other people passed history, or artwork. We chose artwork because of the new wing at the Museum houses a selection of contemporary works and, more importantly, an exhibition featuring a woman impressionist painter — Berthe Morisot (1841 1895). Something I wanted to see as she was one of the few women who manage to gain any recognition during her life time, for her work. Morisot was one of the founding members of the French Impressionists, along with her colleagues, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Apart from enjoying this first time exhibit here, in Canada, of Morisot’s work, we also enjoyed a number of other contemporary, historic, and modern art exhibits. Some we thoroughly enjoyed, others, well, not so much. Blob-art is not my thing, and I can be quite vocal about seeing a pile of bricks lying on the floor, having the urge to accidentally knock them over. Yes, I need supervision!

All in all, we enjoyed our time wandering through the old historic Gerard Morisset Pavilion, and what was previously a jail here in Québec, but is now the Charles Baillairge Pavilion housing a number of modern art exhibits of Québec—if you love Jean-Paul Riopelle then you will be in the right place.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the art.


  1. I could lose myself in a museum like that, Alex. What a fantastic way to spend a sweltering afternoon! Gorgeous artwork, cool temperatures, what’s not to love? Thank you for sharing those beautiful images with us.

    • Alex says

      That’s exactly what we did, Margot. With the new contemporary wing, the museum is now three large buildings housing a variety of works, so there is something for everyone to see. And with two restaurants and a cafe, there’s always a glass of wine or cold drink to be had. 😉

  2. 28 degrees that early in the morning is rough. We have that temperature now in the UK during the day and moan about, 45 degrees is taking it to another level. I would probably not leave a river / lake. 🙈😊

    Glad you enjoyed your cool but also interesting museum visit, lovely photos! I would enjoy such visit as well.

    • Alex says

      This has been something of an exceptional summer so far, Vera. And while we do get it hot during July, it’s never usually seven days in a row. As for the UK? I remember it reaching the 90s back in the early 90s. I think the weather is definitely different these last 10-15 years. Hotter, wilder, more unpredictable.

      So it was just as well for us, here, to have plenty enough to see in the Art Museum to while away 3-4 hours. It was lovely! ☺️

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Ver onica. I’m sure you would too. The art certainly draws lots of comments!

  3. We’re planning to visit the Art Gallery in Ottawa while we’re there, and I’m so excited about it. We so rarely take the kids to art museums – we’re much more likely to take them to see historical museums (which are good, too!). This one sounds just as wonderful!

    • Alex says

      I think I already told you, we want to do a week or more in Ottawa and yes, see as many museums as possible too. I love any kind of museum,mand we have a lot here, in QC! ☺️

      What’s nice about the Beaux Arts here is the amount of things to see and activities to do, there is for Kids as well. Lots of play areas and hands on exhibits. Creative classes too, Naomi. Always fun for the kids.

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