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Day 31: Last Day

Blue skies, balmy light breezes that gently caress bare skin … you think we would be out, celebrating this, our last day of our holidays. But no, we’re at home lounging around, soaking up the rays via the balcony (all 19 feet of it) and just taking it easy. No sight seeing today, no getting up early and putting on walking boots for a gentle, or otherwise, hike along one or other river. No forests, gardens, botanic or otherwise.

Just soft sighs of an absolutely fabulous holiday spent here, at home, in our own wonderful little city. The best place on the planet, if you ask me. But hey, I’m biased, after all, I am taking up residency here, and who wouldn’t. After spending any time here, you immediately fall in love with this beautiful, green city and yes, the people too.

Oh, look, Canada has lost one of it’s satellites!

But we haven’t been totally idle, after the five days of rain, we did get out and about for one last walkabout in the Old Quarter. We had a delicious lunch out, we bought ourselves some trinkets, and, like good home-grown tourists, knew where to find the best coffee in town at: Les Cafés Du Soleil, which, btw, has no online presence whatsoever. And, if you didn’t know where it was would probably never find it, such as it is—a tiny little hole in the wall!

More of what we saw …

And tomorrow, it’s back to work for us. And you, Dear Reader, when and where are you going for your holidays?


Les Cafes du Soleil
143, Rue Saint-Paul
Quebec City, QC
Hours: Weekdays 6:30am-5:00pm; Weekends 8:00am-5:00pm


  1. Those are great ‘photos, Alex. I’m so glad you shared them. And you deserve a day of ease before your holiday ends. I’m happy for you that you’ve had the time to do some exploring, eat some great food, and enjoy the city. And thanks for sharing your holiday with us.

    • La Blonde says

      Thank you, Margot. We discovered some funny art installations around the Old Quarter, the satellite being one of them! It was difficult not to take photos. 😉

      And yes, I’m happily catching up on blogging, reading a few posts, and commenting.

  2. I always enjoy the photos you share, Alex.

    We’re just back from our vacation in Club Med. Will share the photos soon. I need another vacation to recover from my vacation!

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Veronica, I’m glad you like them.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps too. And another holiday? Ha! Ha! Was it that busy? ☺️

  3. I did a lot of walking! Very uncharacteristic of me, I know. And in our very sultry weather! I am quite proud of myself!

    • Alex says

      Oh, how brave of you! ☺️ We’re as crazy here, as well. One month of the year we go out, walk, and do a year’s worth of exercise.

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