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Day 18: Cap Rouge

Another perfect day to go for a walkabout, with blue skies, puffy white “Simpson” clouds and light breezes tempering the heat that is sure to come. My partner had a hankering to go somewhere a little off the beaten track, for us at least—Cap Rouge. It’s something of a bus ride away, and then there’s the hill. Down.

And where there is a down, you know what comes next. Up. We haven’t been here since we gave up the car and took to using the buses to get around the city. Not only is it a little more green using the bus, it’s easier for us, in the city centre, than constantly figuring out where to park and more. How much it’s going to cost.

But getting to Cap Rouge, on the other side of the city, takes two buses. And a very long walk down a steep hill. When all was said and done, we got there and were glad we made the effort. At the bottom of the hill, in the small hamlet, nothing more than a historic village, a church, and some prime real estate on the St. Lawrence river, plus a surprise—Cap Rouge’s very own elevated rail track. Impossible to miss!

We headed out along a well-worn trail that hugs the river from Cap Rouge, all the way to the road and rail bridges several kilometres away. We did about half of the walk, somewhere around 6 km, I think? Unlike our walk along the river St. Charles, there are no km markers, which would have been helpful. But we know our limit and have yet to make it the full length of this particular walk. We get to a particular view point, and can see the bridges in the distance, and then. Turn back.

Still, all-in-all, we had a wonderful few hours out walking along the mighty St. Lawrence.


  1. Those photographs are absolutely lovely, Alex. Even if you didn’t get to walk the whole length of the trail, you still had a gorgeous day, and that’s great! Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex says

      Thank you, Margot. We continue to be lucky with both the amazing weather, and great views. We are sure getting plenty of exercise! ☺️

  2. I love that you made me fearful for you and that big hill. Along the shores of Michigan, where in from, there are many sand dunes that just scream “go down me!!” You go down and inevitably yell “weeee!!” Then you get down there and realize the climb up is about as steep as a ladder, except it’s all sand. 😐

    • Alex says

      Oh, I hear you, I’m sure you know exactly what I meant then! 😉

      We did think that as a last resort (and I mean, a last resort) we could call a cab to get back up the hill. Especially after a three hour walk when our feet were dead! But, in the end, we only had a small part of it to go back up to get the bus home. Thankfully!

  3. If the weather is anything like what we have here, I would prefer to stay indoors but otherwise, I do enjoy walks like this on a nice cool day. Gorgeous photos, Alex!

    • Alex says

      For the most part, Veronica, the weather has been very kind to us, and we’ve had pleasant breezes to temper the heat. Dry heat is preferable to the heavy humidity we’re getting this week. We have no walks planned this last week of July!

  4. It looks so fresh and pretty along the river, Alex. I love that mural! (And I’m mightily impressed by all the exercise!)

    • Alex says

      Indeed, it was, Sandra. We had picture perfect weather for our walk. And we do have some lovely murals all over the city. This one is fairly recent, 2016.

      As for the exercise? Yes, we’ve really put the milage in these last few weeks. And still 9 more days to go! 😉

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