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Day 14: Rain & Baseball

It had to happen. It was only a matter of time before the run of such great weather was interrupted. We have a very light drizzle falling at the moment. And, with the temperature, I guess standing in it would be akin to a warmish shower. But I’m not so inclined to find out. Let’s just say the balcony garden is in need of the refresh and leave it at that!

But that’s okay, we intended taking an “admin” day today anyway, as we were at the Baseball last night, watching the Capitales—our team—get resoundingly whipped by the Boulders of Rockland (and of course, they would have to have a nickname like ‘Boulders’). 

We lost 6 to 2, but everyone still had a great time and enjoyed the 10 minute firework display at the end of the match, regardless of who won or lost. And, despite the loss to Rockland, the Capitales are still in second place in the league with Rockland right behind them, in third. Oh, and we were champions last year, so maybe we can make it to first again, this year!

Of course, we’re happy we didn’t book our tickets for today. You know, with the light drizzle and all.

So, how’s your Saturday going?


  1. Lucky you that the rain held off, Alex. I’ve always enjoyed the baseball game atmosphere, so I’m especially glad you had a good time. And as for today’s rain? Well, you can give that one up for the plants…

    • Alex says

      I fell in love with watching (and following) baseball when I lived and working in NYC, Margot. And really enjoy watching the minor teams, where the game isn’t so intense. Always a fun night out with a family crowd on a Friday evening. So we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

      And yes, I’m sure the plants are more than happy to be having a refresh too. ☺️

  2. I do like baseball and was a Detroit Tigers fan for ages. When I moved to Indiana, however, I couldn’t get the Tigers in TV without paying a ton of money, so I haven’t seen them in years.

    • Alex says

      I was a Yankees fan for a very long time, till I went back to the UK, and yes, then it was impossible to follow the games. And you, you never followed a local team after your move?

  3. Now I’m hungry for chili dogs and fries. To avoid indigestion, pray the home team wins. 🙂

    • Alex says

      Sadly, they lost, and no chili dogs up here, Kenny. We’re not that civilized up here! 😜

  4. Glad you had a good time, Alex. Can you believe I’ve never watched a baseball game all my 56 years of life?!! Baseball is not a common sport over here on our side of the pond.

    • Alex says

      It was fun, Veronica. And yes, I can believe it, as baseball is really very much a North American thing. While it is occasionally shown on TV in the UK it’s not really a thing there either.

      And what kind of sports are big there, if any?

    • Alex says

      Oh, but of course. Badminton! How could I forget. My dad loved this sport. ☺️

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