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Day 11: St. Charles River Walk

Yesterday was the perfect day to do a long walk. We awoke to clear blue skies and the temperature hovering around 17 degrees, with a soft light breeze. What more could we ask for, for a walk along the St. Charles river. There are walking paths (and yes, cycle paths too) for almost the entire length of this tributary river. What’s great is that each year they’ve added extra kilometres, so that you can plan any one of several types of walk. Choose up stream left bank, or downstream right bank well, you get the picture.

We did a bus ride to the other side of the city, to Victoria Park, as we had decided to walk upstream on the right hand side of the river, heading back towards our own part of the city. It’s a direction we don’t do very often, so it gave us a new perspective on the views. And it’s always fun to choose a different direction so as to not get boring.

I think we managed about 5 km in two hours, which took us from Pont Droin, near the mouth of the St. Charles river, heading back up stream towards Pont Scott. This part of the walk takes you through the historic landing point, where Jacques Cartier and the settles from France, landed—the Cartier-Brébeuf National Parc.

All-in-all, there are 13 sectors to choose from, covering approximately 35 km of walks and cycle paths. You can go from the mouth of the river, where the St. Charles meets the might St. Lawrence, and can walk all the way to the Lac St. Charles, in the north.

One day we might actually do the whole thing!


  1. Sounds like the perfect walk, Alex! And what lovely views, too. I’m very glad the weather co-operated for you, and that you got the chance for such a great day.

  2. Alex says

    It was, Margot.nand the weather has been really kind to us. Apart from a few really hot days, we’ve enjoyed the best weather going, for a July. More to come today, we’re off to Wendake.

  3. What a gorgeous weather! That walk looks absolutely lovely, I bet it must have been super recharging. 🙂 Thanks for sharing those photos with us. 🙂 xx

    • Alex says

      Indeed, it’s been beautiful, Vera. It charged out batteries and we slept like babies too! 😜

  4. How wonderful that there are so many trails and options. Are the hiking trails and walking trails one and the same? This also has me wondering if your kids are younger or older… and do they complain on long walks? (This probably depends on their ages.)

    • Alex says

      When I say hiking trails, Naomi, those are usually up river where there are more higher elevations. There are walks either side of the river for the first several kilometres only. These are accompanied by cycles lanes too. But once you get near the Wendake reserve, there are a lot more options.

      Oh, and we don’t have to worry about kids, we don’t have any. When I talk about kids it’s usually nieces and nephews.

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