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Following on from Vera over at Unfiltered Tales, who was asked three questions by Kiersten, I am taking up the challenge to answer the three questions she threw out for anyone to join in on—partly because I had no post prepared for today, it’s a Bank Holiday Monday and we’re housebound due to rain. Shame you all cannot hear the thunder like we can!

Anyway, Vera’s questions to all of us were:

What character’s flaw irritates you?

Hmm there could be so many candidates for most irritating, but I would have to settle on Police Cadet Yvette Nichol, a character from Still Life, by Louise Penny. Who was so well written I began to detest her by the mid-point of the book. She’s arrogant and so self-absorbed to the point she ignores sound advice and takes everything as a personal insult. Worst of all, she’s deceitful on a level that is ultimately her downfall.

Louise Penny crafts this character to such a degree as to make Nichol get so under a reader’s skin, and makes you feel physically uncomfortable. At least, that’s how this character made me feel.

If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first? And, of course, why?

Hmm if magic were real. But, but, it is real, isn’t it? Well, of course I think magic, I think Harry Potter and, of course, one of my favourite and misunderstood characters, Severus Snape. As to spells, well, Obliviate sounds the most fun, but for something useful, I’d go with Hermione’s favourite for opening things: Alohomora. You know, just because: bank vaults, biscuit tins.

What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave? (Yes, she seriously wanted to know!)

I’d like to know why I’d end up in a cave to begin with and being flippant about wanting to find a four-poster bed is fun, but the truth is, the anthropologist in me would love to find bones. Specifically, ancient career-defining bones. My kind of treasure — and you?

Okay, so my question to you is:

• If you could only read books from ONE author for the rest of your life. Who would you choose?


  1. Oh, those are interesting questions, Alex! I’m glad you chose Yvette Nichol, too. She is an interesting character in her way, but she’s not really sympathetic. And she is irritating. I like your other responses, too.

    As to which author I’d choose? Well, first off, I should say I would find it nearly impossible to choose just one. But if there were no other choice, I’d say Agatha Christie.

  2. Alex says

    I love the endless supply of great posts there are to read and follow along with. And Vera asked some great questions, while answering some fun one’s of her own. So it was a fun post to take part in, Margot.

    Yes, Yvette is one of those memorable characters because Penny wrote her so well, that she’s all but impossible to forget. She really exemplifies how to write a detestable character! 😉

    Choosing ONE author is really, really difficult. Most others asked which FIVE authors, which isn’t that bad. So I thought to pare it down to just the one. Who would win out? I think I could almost guess your choice would be Christie and, push comes to shove, I might choose her too. But then again, I’d probably go with Heinlein because of the sheer number of books he wrote too.

  3. I loved your answers Alex. I haven’t read that book but it sounds like a read I would enjoy as well. I love when a character is crafted so well that it gets under my skin!

    One author? Seriously?! That’s impossible for a moody reader like myself that reads so many different genres. Pratchett or Tolkien are up there. I think either one of them would do if I really, really had to choose. 🙈😊

    Love your magic answer as well, I also think magic is real as I can see it everywhere around us.

    • La Blonde says

      Thank you, Vera! It was fun to do this. And yes, Yvette Nichol is just one of those amazingly well-written characters. Really annoying you feel like you would punch her in the face if you knew her in real life.

      Oh, I know, I made it really difficult saying only ONE author. 😀 It really makes you stop and think about who you would choose and why! But thankfully, we don’t really have to choose, as if I were stuck on a deserted Island, and only had one book, I’d go crazy really fast. 😉

      Ah, magic, yes, I believe it’s real and we create it ourselves everyday, with good and positive thoughts.

  4. A very tough question to chew on, Alexandra, but I’d have to select Issac Asimov as my only author to read until the end of time. A prolific writer of both fiction and science, his work entertains and educates me, thus my rationale for choosing Asimov.

    • La Blonde says

      Oh, now why didn’t I think of Asimov or even, maybe Clarke? Both excellent candidates too, given they wrote a great deal both SF and science related works. Entertained and educated. A wise choice, Kenny!

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