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Thoughtful Thursday

I’m having this on-going struggle with social media, and how it relates to me. I left Facebook at the beginning of the year, and now, am seriously thinking of deleting my Twitter account. I understand from a marketing POV, it can be invaluable across all platforms. But for personal use, and in keeping connected with people (as individuals) does it really work? I’m not so sure.

I just recently returned back to blogging as my means of making social connections with other like-minded people, and indulging in talking about the things that I love and or that matters to me. Blog posts offer the opportunity to be more in-depth, to talk at length, and to cover topics and subjects 140 to 280 characters simply cannot do justice too.

I suppose what it comes down to is there are those who blog, and blog successfully in their given niche, which, for most of us, appears to be all things related to and about books. And then, there are those who have found their ‘voices’ on one or more of the Social Media platforms. Of which, I am not one.

What I am, is thankful for the connections I’ve made in such a short span of time. And grateful of the time you all take to not only write your own posts, but the time and effort you make in visiting others—myself included—and in leaving thoughtful and intelligent comments, almost to the point of having conversations.

I know these conversations are a highlight of my day, so thank you! And for you, what aspects of Social Media do you find helpful, if any?


  1. You raise a really interesting question, Alex, about social media. I use all three (blogging, FB, and Twitter) to connect. But not everyone finds all of them useful. And, in my opinion, social media is so time-consuming that one really has to think carefully about one’s goals. What do you want to accomplish? That gives the answer to which social media to use, at least for me.

    • Alex says

      That’s what I’m finding out, Margot. Social media has it’s uses when marketing. And I’ve found that everyone who “friended” me on Twitter has something to sell, and my feed is them pushing a book or worse, they are all moaning about Trump. 😉

      I guess I’ll just stick to Instagram, which I find therapeutic and enjoy. All those lovely image.

  2. I like different media for different reasons. 🙂

    I use Facebook for connecting with family (they live back in the Czech Republic) as well as a small group of friends. Then I use Twitter to connect with bookish people and to see what publishers are up to these days. 🙂 I also use Twitter to promote my blog posts and fellow bloggers’ posts. Instagram is for me to connect over photos with my climbing crew even though I add a bookish photo in there now and again as well. But I primarily use it to relax for a bit. And then Pinterest is my vision board. For home ideas, for some, usually a highly ambitious DIY projects… I love Pinterest. 🙂

    I agree with you re. blogging being slightly different form of communication. I enjoy connecting with fellow blog bloggers and discussing our love of books. 🙂

    • Alex says

      Thanks for your insight, Vera. And you are quite right. I need to separate the different media and focus on what each can do (or not do) for me. And utilise them appropriately. I think I kind of lost sight of using them for what they are, instead of trying to get them to do something they were not made for. Duh!

      I guess I’m looking for more personal interactions with people, and you don’t really get that with most social media. However, blogging has been a happy rediscovery for me, now that I am just writing a daily post about this and that and, of course, my love of books. ☺️

      • I often lose sight of what I’m using which social media for. I find them quite addictive and do check how much time I spend there as I could easily spend hours after hours looking at random stuff I have zero interest in (done that a few times ).

        I agree with you re blogging. I am so grateful for this amazing blog loving community. 😊

        • Alex says

          Ah! See, that’s what I mean. I’ve found myself scrolling through Twitter for no discernable reason at all, and then realising I’ve wasted an hour. So I’ve decided that maybe I, personally, need to stay a long way, away, from Twitter at least! 😉

          Oh my, yes. Coming back to blogging was the best thing I’e done in ages. I’m really enjoying popping by all the new blogs, reading reviews (much more practical than FB) and meeting a load of new people in the process. I am so grateful too, Vera.

  3. I frequent FB less these days; it’s on par with visiting the dentist. Other social media platforms do not inspire me to commit time, but I do follow one Instagram user to see what imagery lurks in the ether of the Frozen North. I used to visit various forums, but my flame retardant writing attire no longer fits, and I refuse to purchase another, so that leaves blogging as a means to get the word out about something that inspires me. In my world, blogging provides the analog of talking to myself and asking myself questions and answering them, even if I inform myself to repeat something.

    • Alex says

      Ah, you too, Kenny. I think we’ve all become a little disillusioned with these platforms. I know I have. They make sense only in a limited capacity. So I’m grateful to have come back to blogging and found a niche among others, like myself, who simply love books and to read … a lot! 😀

      I’m so glad you continue to follow Nanuk of the North and her instagram feed. She really appreciates it.

      I for one am glad you’ve come back to blogging too, and really enjoy reading and following along with AO at the moment. And, as always, enjoy any kind of discussion with your good self, Kenny. Which is always better than talking to myself … I’m worried one day I will answer. Ha! Ha!

      • No need to worry about answering yourself during conversations with your self. It’s all good. Asking yourself to repeat something, however, might raise red flags. But for someone like me, with limited social interactions, all self-talk contributes to an eventful day.

        • Alex says

          Oh, now you say it like that, I guess it’s okay as no one else is going to be privy to the conversation anyway, right? 😉

          Ha! Ha! Just as well we have each other then, Kenny, so that there’s a glimmer of conversation with someone else. And, thankfully, now we are both back blogging, maybe more interactions with real, living people!

          • Sometimes I record myself talking to self so that I have a record of the said conversation, and then play it back to feel like there’s someone else in the room. Oh, Alexandra, it’s those damn voices—again!

            I, too, am glad we’re slinging words and sharing inspirations.

  4. I only use social media to participate in giveaways. I still prefer to blog ‘cos you get to meet amazing people; you, for instance! And it’s really wonderful how much one can learn from blog hopping!

    • La Blonde says

      I’m with you on the blogging, Veronica. I think it’s the best way to make lasting connections and yes, meet a bunch of really interested and like-minded people. Yes, like you too! 😉

      Here’s to blog hopping!

  5. La Blonde says

    Ha! Kenny, you are certifiable … and here’s to the voices telling us what to do, in the nicest possible way. Wordslingers … kind of has that charisma. Better than mudslingers, right? 😉

  6. I’ve resisted Twitter and Instagram. I have no interest in the latter and I’m quite sure I would spend hours loving Instagram if ever I got started! I am on FBk but much less these days. It’s useful for keeping in touch with some friends and acquaintances but I rarely post myself. Nope – blogging is my social media outlet and I use that for my own enjoyment and creativity and to connect with like-minded souls around the world. I love it! But of course, I have nothing to promote or to market. Perhaps I’d think differently if I ever managed to finish a book!

    • Alex says

      Hear, hear, Sandra. And the consensus here, among commenters seems to be the same. Facebook for keeping in contact with relatives and far flung friends, instagram if you have a love of photography, but the rest? Well, they baffle me.

      And you’re not alone in blogging for community. It has been the happiest of surprises for myself, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the amazing and creative people I’ve met. Your good self included! ☺️

  7. I started using social media less often and also differently to how i did even a year ago. I go on FB to check out my online book club and see what my friends i can’t see in person are up to.

    Twitter is new to me, and I don’t find myself very engaged there.
    Instagram is eye candy. I know some people write posts on there too but i just can’t be bothered to actually read them.

    I used to think I’ll miss out on things if i don’t go on social media but after taking a break i realized i missed nothing…

    • Alex says

      It seems like the dynamics, themselves, of various social media platforms have changed too, Norrie. Along with our habits and consumption. I like the idea of using FB for clubs as it makes sense, especially for people who don’t want to blog-hop. And, as I still email friends, FB is a little redundent. Twitter, I’ve never really figured out. Though I do post photos to Instagram and do like to surf and look at the “pretties” occasionally.

      Like you said, you don’t miss them, yourself, and, judging from all the comments here, no one else will miss them either. I can’t say as I’ve missed them these last few weeks not since starting to blog again. I so love stopping by and reading other people’s posts and reviews, and found that far more engaging. Your blog included!m☺️

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