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RIP Anthony Bourdain

I am so saddened to hear this morning of the passing of culinary Guru, Anthony Bourdain. Who, at aged 61, committed suicide while filming in France. I, along with so many other fans of his wit, talent, and commentary, are devastated. Another heartbreaking loss of someone who felt they could no longer enjoy life, and took their own for reasons we will never know or understand. Peace be …

My deepest sympathies to his family, friends, colleagues and fans worldwide.


    • La Blonde says

      I was only just talking to my partner last night about Kate Spade and what she must have been going through to commit suicide, Margot. And then, to hear about Anthony Bourdain’s death this morning. It’s shocking. And just goes to show that no matter how successful, how much money, what prestige you might have. It counts for nothing.

      Depression is as terrible as cancer, it eats away at a person’s mind just as surely as cancer eats away at our bodies.

      So heartbreaking.

  1. Depression is a silent killer, no doubt about it. And almost all of us know of someone who has battled with it in some form even if we have been fortunate enough not to know it personally. So often when a tragedy like this occurs, it seems as if it has come from nowhere, whilst of course, it has been under the surface all the time, hidden in plain sight. I can bring to mind too many media deaths which leave us reeling. And I think of all the ‘ordinary’ people that don’t make the news who lose their battle with this condition. As you say – heartbreaking.

    • La Blonde says

      I hear you Sandra. There are so many of us who know someone or are affected one way or another. Whether we ourselves experience moments that pass, or hide the depth of our own battles. It’s there, always nearby. And yes, it’s so sad that while the media lets us know the terrible news of celebrity deaths, there are 10s if not hundreds of others each and every day who battle and lose the fight, who we never hear about.

      But at least those we do, help, I hope, in someway, by reminding us to look to those who we know and love, and to give them our love and support.

  2. Tony’s passing saddens me. I loved his voice and narrative style. He’s a tremendous loss for humanity. He had a huge, compassionate heart for people around the globe, but still, it wasn’t enough to tame his daemons. May he lie in peace.

    • La Blonde says

      So true, Kenny. He championed many a good cause, including getting $100 million out of the US Government to help Vietnam. He will be greatly missed .

    • Alex says

      I bet they are. He loved that whole area, the people and the food.

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