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Québec City, A Riot of a Place to Visit

I feel sorry for anyone who chose this week and, in particular, this weekend to come and visit Québec City. Due to the fact that the G-7 Summit was being held hereabouts — even if it is 140 km away in La Malbaie. Hundreds of protesters, also enjoying the beautiful weather, decided to march in Old Québec Friday and Saturday afternoons, chanting and playing music as they walked down St-Louis towards the Chateau Frontenac.

It’s nothing new, we’ve seen this all before when the G-8 summit was held here in 2001, accompanied by serious rioting in the street, with water cannons deployed, along with a lot of tear-gas. This time around though? There were scenes of police waiting at key points looking, well, bored.

Thankfully, for all concerned, the number didn’t turn up and those that did, were almost in a jovial mood by comparison.

The talk here wasn’t of protestors, but of the fact Trump arrived late, and then, left early.

The fallout of all this though? The cost to the taxpayers of Québec, who will foot the bill for all the security, never mind hosting the three-ring circus out in the beautiful countryside of the Charlevoix region.

Next year, can we have the Rolling Stones?


  1. I’m very glad, Alex, that no-one was hurt, and that the protesters were peaceful. And as for the Rolling Stones? I saw them once in concert – a fantastic show!

  2. Alex says

    I think the majority of the protests were amicable, here abouts in the City, Margot. A lot of good natured shouting given the main media was actually up north, covering the Summit. So we have something to be thankful for.

    Oh, and you’ve seen the Stones live too? We had them here a few years back and yes, a show to remember!

  3. On behalf of America, I apologize for Spanky’s rude behavior at the G-7 Summit. He’s a spoiled toddler that still requires a pacifier or else he throws a tantrum. Thank goodness I live in Oregon, where we’re like a little country inside America, and we don’t like Spanky’s inexcusable conduct.

    • Alex says

      Phew, thank you, Kenny! For a moment there we thought he had no parents, and worse, that he might not leave! Ha! Ha! But seriously, he’s left something of a stink up here, and didn’t really endear himself to anyone.

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