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I Spy with My Little Eye …

The sassy Vera @ Unfiltered Tales tagged me to take part in this fun challenge and, as I was asked really nicely, here I am taking up the sword/gauntlet/bazooka. So what’s it all about?

The Challenge: Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category. You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes!

Side note: There is no way in hell I’ll be able to do this in five minutes. I can’t do anything in five minutes these days. But what I am going to do is choose one author, the SF Grand Master himself, Robert A. Heinlein. And find covers/titles for all 20 categories.

So, here goes … wish me luck:

FOOD and farmers … even if they’re inside a custom built habitat the other side of the galaxy.

Three friends build a spaceship, as you do, and fly it to the moon, as you do … and crash!

Okay, so again, I’m cheating (a little) having ‘troopers’ as the WEAPON for this category.

Again not the best cover, but this one is about a BEAST and, in particular, a star beast that could save humanity.

Not a great 70s cover, but the title does have the word NUMBER in it!

Lazarus Long was one of Methuselah’s Children. This is included just because.

Not for the title, but a cover many will recognise and remember! Valentine Smith.

A war between God and Lucifer produces a lot of FIRE! Or, should do, right?

I originally had this one down for WEAPONS because … and then, remembered, Star is actually the Empress of the known universe. Can’t get much more ‘royal’ than that.

So this cover is here because of the buildings, not because of the title. Obviously!

Come on, did you look at the cover, at what she’s wearing? Way out there 70s vibe.

The Rolling Stones are a family who live and work in space abroad their rocket ship, including twins: Castor & Pollux.

This one is here simply because of the word, Sunset, is in the title. A time of day.

I’m cheating slightly here, because the fact that stars “hum” is space ‘music’ right?

So this had to be the hardest choice as Heinlein wasn’t know for paranormal or supernatural anything. This was as close as I could come to the suggestion: evil. So sue me already.

Oh, this one was maybe the easiest, behold, an occupation!

Another relatively easy choice, title includes the word: SUMMER.

As the title tells us … I have my colour: RED!

Well, of course the moon is a celestial body, right?

A family flies to the stars to go … farming!

Want to play along? Go right ahead and join in.

Now, over to you, what would you choose for SEASON? Go on, tell me!


  1. Yay, you have done it!!! I’m so impressed with you being able to choose all those books from only one author. And for the record, I did not feel like you cheated at all, all of this is ‘open to interpretation’. 🙂 Loved your answers. 🙂

    As a winter child, I choose Wintersmith for SEASON. I was tempted by The Winter of the Witch as well but used that one for the PRODUCT OF FIRE in the end. 🙂

    • Alex says

      Phew! Thank you, Vera, you’re very kind. It’s not often I can impress anyone and I kind of like that you feel I didn’t cheat either. Some of those categories were not easy to find covers/titles for.

      And I thought it would be fun to do just one author, given I know Heinlein has written over a billion books, well, okay, it seems like it. 😉

      Oh, you too are a winter child – I’m a pieces. And Wintersmith is another great title.

  2. I am really impressed, Alex! Not only did you have a book for each category, but they’re all Heinlein! That’s fantastic. And it reminds me that he really was a fine and influential writer. I ought to explore his work more than I have…

    • La Blonde says

      Oh, look, I’ve impressed not one, but two people. Now that’s made my day! 😉

      Heinlein was an easy choice, Margot, given his prolific output, I knew there had to be a cover for every occasion. And yes, he wrote quite the cross section of work. Not to everyone’s cup of tea. He falls into the love or hate kind of author.

      I can’t say I loved everything of his I read, but his body of work is impressive.

  3. Make that three people! You also made me smile – very clever spin on this meme, Alex! 🙂

    • Alex says

      Why, thank you, Sandra, that’s very kind of you to say so, and I’m glad it made you smile too.

  4. Amazing! You are good, Alex. All those books from only one author!

    And I haven’t even read a single one of his books! Shame on me!

    • Alex says

      Oh, no shame in not having read anything from him, unless you are a huge SF fan. But yes, he did write a lot of books over the years, Veronica!

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