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Fathers Day

My own father passed away quite some time ago and me, myself, am no spring chicken. But today, we could still celebrate Father’s Day. We were delighted to have a visit from the In-Laws who also brought cake. I mean, they are always welcome especially if they bring homemade cake!

The icing on today’s cake also came in the form of an Amazon delivery. Yes. I know. On a Sunday of all days. They appear to have changed delivery companies. Or, maybe, added a new one. Because we were lucky enough, way up here in the Frozen North (where, by the way, it’s 31 degrees today) to get a delivery. Colour me surprised.

So I am now in receipt of FORCE OF NATURE, by Jane Harper, and the delightfully colourful, THE PERPLEXING THEFT OF THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN, by Vassam Khan. Both of which I’m looking forward to reading in the coming days.



  1. Sounds like a lovely day, Alex! And great gifts, too – lucky you. I’m very glad ou enjoyed yourself.

    • Alex says

      It was a lovely day, Margot. And the in-laws never get up here often enough. So everyone had plenty to chat about. And to get my books on a Sunday was quite the surprise. ☺️

    • Alex says

      Two for the price of one, as it were, Norrie. And who doesn’t love cake and books?

    • Alex says

      It was, Sandra. And we were even serenaded by a song sparrow out on the balcony. You couldn’t ask for a better day. ☺️

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