Fabulous Free Fiction For a Friday!

For those of you who don’t know, and, for the one or two who do know, I also write fiction, mostly science fiction. Though the broader term, speculative fiction, might be more accurate. The evidence is there go on, look up to the top right of this website, in the navigation section, where it says FREE FICTION. Go on, click on it, and you’ll see what I’m about to talk about.

Myself and long time writing collaborator and friend, Mark J. Howard, started posting our short fiction—for free—over on the Wry Writer website last year and, as of this summer, will be posting excerpts of longer fiction, and serializing some of our novels.

Again, most of this will be free to read. But we’re also looking to monetize the serial fiction, as in, first chapter will be free to read (as a teaser), with subsequent chapters available at a price—with the whole novel being available, afterwards, as a downloadable ebook.

What I’m asking—other than letting you know about the website—is, who among you might be interested in the free fiction side, and who might be willing to buy a subscription for around $5 to read a serialized novel, or the complete novel?

We’re trying to figure out whether subscriptions can work, and or whether people prefer downloading a complete novel for a set price.

If you have any feedback, any at all, please leave a comment and or, contact me via email. The email button is located in the footer, below, under Let’s Get Social.

What this means is, that in paying us, the writer, we can then, in turn, pay others for their professional work: artists, editors, proofreaders, and the like. Everyone loves to be paid for their work, as no one wants to do this for free, believe me. But sometimes, asking someone to pay the cost of a Starbucks coffee for a monthly subscription, is like asking them to donate a kidney.

Please, help us make it happen. Consider taking out a monthly subscription.

Thanks You!


  1. Ooo, how exciting!
    I think having the first chapter for free is a good idea. It’s basically the equivalent of being able to walk into a book shop or library and read a bit of a book to see if i like it.

    As for subscription: i wouldn’t sign up for something like that. I would be like how i am with TV series. I don’t even bother start watching it until all episodes are out.

    Subscription would interest me only if it was for a huge content. (Like kindle unlimited). I’m not actually on K. Unlimited because for that price i don’t know if i can justify it. It’s £7.99 i think.

    • La Blonde says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment with some ideas and suggestions, Norrie. I figured a subscription idea wouldn’t cut it, as we’re not a big company, or Amazon, and there would be little content to begin with.

      I think like your good self, most would probably prefer to buy a complete novel for download, than eek it out at a chapter at a time. But you know, we had to ask. And so far, the feedback (looking below) is the same.

      So I think we’ll probably go with free sample or chapters as teasers, and see how that works out.

      Thanks again for the feedback! 😀

  2. That’s such wonderful news!

    I think having a sample of author’s work is definitely a must. When I am deciding whether to buy a book or not, I always like to download the free chapter (on iBooks) to see if writing, pacing and tenses work for me. I hardly ever order something I know nothing about. But that’s me personally, others may have different preferences. 🙂

    Would I subscribe? I don’t think I would. I am currently even debating if I should go for a monthly subscription of Audibles. I like to buy a book whenever I feel like it without a monthly subscription. I would probably buy a finished novel rather than a serialised one. Again, just my personal preferences, others may disagree. 🙂

    • La Blonde says

      Thanks, Vera. We think we have enough material between us to hopefully get people excited enough to stop by. The free short fiction helps with eyeballs. And, judging from the comments so far, it looks like subscriptions aren’t going to work.

      But that’s great. At least we’re getting feedback, and now know what might (or will not) work. And maybe 1 sample or chapter might not be enough. We’ll see how that goes too.

      Every comment helps in us finding the right balance for readers, and what we can do to entice them to keep on coming back. Which is really important. Giveaways is probably a must! 😀

      • I don’t have heaps of followers but will be spreading word out amongst those I have once you start. 🙂 Can’t wait, I’m really excited Alex. 🙂

        Sometimes, via trying things out organically – in others words, trial and error – you may figure out over time who likes what. And it may as well be a compromise with a stand alone book offers for some, and a monthly subscription for others. Everyone is slightly different.

        I’m thinking out loud here but maybe a membership can create a ‘tribe’. You could throw in there a book club discussion, regular catch ups… something, that will give people another incentive to sign up. Not just monthly books, but a little bit of a community around it as well.. It may not work, just throwing it out there. 🙂

        • La Blonde says

          Oh, like Margot, that would be wonderful, Vera. Thank you for the help. I think half the battle is letting people know where we are and what’s on offer. So helping out is a big deal. Thanks!

          Yes, trial and error will obviously play a big part as the we start posting more and more. Having a library of work will help immensely.

          And yes, community is key to any success, and there are varied ways to achieve that. For now, we’re in the writing mode. So just how much time we’ll have for the social aspect remains to be seen. Maybe we should think of adding a forum. Though we might have already done that with Patreon, given it offers our readers a place to talk about various works, plus getting access to both of us for various “specials”.

          Thanks again! 😀

  3. What a fabulous idea! I’m very excited for you! I’ll certainly help pass the word along, too. I think offering chapters or a prologue, or some part of a story, for free is a terrific idea. It gives people a chance to try your work without you sacrificing a lot in terms of your possible revenue.

    • La Blonde says

      Oh, thanks for that, Margot. People re-tweeting us would be a great help given I seem to be useless at social media. Every little thing helps, like the comments here, today. Know what people think, and how they prefer to read and or to buy, helps us decide in what direction to go.

      And definitely, the way to entice and to get people coming back is to offer free samples or chapters, which seems to be the norm on a lot of websites.

      I also set us up a Patreon account, yesterday, as that seems a good way to ask people to help. They can support a writer(s) with a monthly amount, and gain access to exclusive posts, chapters, and gifts. I’m not how it will work for us, but we’re open to trying just about anything, if it works. 😀

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  4. I’m neither a marketing expert nor a qualified self-promoter, but Patreon and crowd source-funding appears more viable than a subscription-based business model. I also believe publishing via Kindle and iBooks provides yet another potential revenue stream. If I possessed your writing chops and editing expertise, I’d look into crowdsourcing, Kindle, and iBooks. I understand your motivation for off-setting the cost of ‘doing business,’ Alexandra. Thinking ahead, when I’ve edited an MS to the best of my abilities, I’ll need the services of a professional editor, jacket artist, or illustrator, and I don’t think wanting to have these costs of doing business offset unreasonable.

    • Alex says

      Thanks for taking the time to offers some great suggestions and advice, Kenny. We did sign up for Patreon, as Mark said he had heard good things. But as of yet, neither of us is quite sure how it works. However, we do think it’s a great way to generate revenue that we can reinvest in others. I might even do a video of my doing the Snoopy dance when or if we actually get our first Patron.

      As for Kindle, and the Amazon route? We wanted to avoid going that way because, despite how lucrative it seems, the market there is as clogged as my arteries, Kenny. And I think while it might be a golden goose for Amazon, the truth is not the same for the average author. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. I’ll have to ask around about that.

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