La Belle Vie

Caruso Sings!

From about 4:30 every morning this little vocalist starts singing his heart out, and doesn’t quit till the sun goes down. He’s a song sparrow, in case anyone was wondering, and we’ve named him Caruso. I mean, what else could we call him?


  1. There is no other choice of name for that bird, Ales. There simply isn’t. Thanks for sharing that music with us…

    • Alex says

      That’s exactly what we thought, Margot. The song is so clear and pure we just had to name him, and Caruso is perfect. ☺️

  2. I’m a really bad sleeper and chirpy birds are stressing me out 😂 Sometimes i can sleep through the chirp, but often not
    Now we seem to have a crow as well 🙈

    • Alex says

      Oh you would hate it here then, as the dawn chorus starts waaaaay too early. We have sparrows, crows, sometimes seagulls, and now, a song sparrow! It’s kind of noisey here. ☺️

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