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I’ve been doing some folder & file housekeeping this afternoon and wondered who, amongst you, would be interested in my posting a section with interviews?

I ask, because a few authors I know have expressed an interest in being interviewed. And for me, it’s always interesting to read a good (but succinct) interview, especially when it features an author’s up coming book release as well.

I wouldn’t be doing that many, and only of authors who really interest me. But again, only if there is an interest and appetite. Sometimes, like reviews, we can get inundated with similar or the same sounding interviews. I don’t want to do ‘Blog Tour’ posts, as they don’t interest me in the slightest. But I do like stumbling across odd and quirky interviews just as much as I do a good review.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, as usual, in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Author interviews inspire me because the good ones tend to reveal little nuggets of technique and craft, so count my vote, please.

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Kenny. That’s one in the plus column. And yes, you are right, a good interview can be enlightening.

  2. One of the things I find interesting about author interviews is what I can learn about writing, Alex. And, while I don’t do or follow blog tours, either, I do think having an author visit now and again can be fascinating.

    • Alex says

      Thanks, Margot, that’s a second vote for adding a few Q&As to the blog. And hopefully, they’ll be interesting enough.

  3. I think these can be interesting posts.
    Are you thinking about interviewing authors’ about their books or about their creative process / their whys etc.? I would probably enjoy a tiny bit more of a latter category to get to know those authors a bit better but would also enjoy reading more about particular books of theirs and their processes of writing them. 🙂

    • La Blonde says

      Vera, as you will see from today’s post, I’m trying to do short, succinct Q&As that encompass a little bit of everything (I hope). I know those that read want to know about the books and characters, while those of us who also write, want to know about method and processes as well. I hope I can find a balance.

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