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I believe these five words are the kiss of death to a newly established blog, trying to attract readers, never mind, commenters. So when I started My French Farce, I wanted to keep Comments Moderation turned off in order to encourage people to have their say.

Well, the honeymoon lasted a couple of months but, as my dear friend Kenny would say, the BOTS have found me. In that, the Spammers are moving on in. It’s really frustrating on every level to have to implement comments moderation, but like everyone else on the Big Bad Web, I’ve been found. SKYNET is coming

Moderation is ON!

True, the first spam only arrived yesterday. How perfect, a Monday, on the last day of April. But this morning, when I sat down at my desk and opened up wordpress to write my post — I found 17 spam comments! I know that’s a teeny tiny tip of the proverbial Spam Ice Berg, but it was enough to make me take the next step in protecting my comments space.

Thankfully wordpress has a number of reliable plugins that are effective and do the job. Not least of which is AKISMET. But now, I’m on the next line of defence. If moderation fails to stem the potential deluge in the coming weeks, or months, then I’ll probably have to add the dreaded getting commenters to login aspect.

I hope you will bare with me, dear reader, if that’s the case!


  1. Kenny Harrison says

    Before the piss ants hacked and destroyed my site, I had managed to fine tune WP with both native and plugin tools to not have spam appear in comments. Now that I’m building new sites from scratch, I wish I had noted what tweaks I made to eradicate spam. Spam belongs in the trash, while SPAM needs to sizzle in the skillet. 🙂

    • La Blonde says

      Ha! Ha! Sizzle in the skillet. Quite right, Kenny. If only we could put ALL spam in the pan. Unfortunately, it seeps in least when you expect it. And what starts as a trickle, always, but always, turns into a tsunami.

      Hopefully, Akismet and moderation will keep most of the spam in the waiting area for me to deal with, and not actually make it into the actual comments section. We can but hope.

      Meanwhile, I hope work is nearly complete on your new website, as I’m really looking forward to following along with your new experiment.

      • Kenny Harrison says

        I’m thinking a launch in parts at this point, like building a model from bits and pieces. Indeed, an experiment for sure. LOL

        • La Blonde says

          Oh, by all means, yes, experiment away and do a ‘soft’ launch. That means we get to read you sooner rather than later, and more, follow the building of a whole new world. How exciting is that, right? 😀

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