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You Know You Are

A Quebecker, When …

You know who Bernard Landry or Pauline Marois are
You eat poutine at least once a week
You take offence if you are called French
You watch Le Canadiens, religiously
You still eat ice cream when it’s minus 30 below
You know the words to the National anthem, in French
You discuss sovereignty over beer while watching a hockey game
You measure distances between cities in hours not kilometres
You know there are only two season, Winter and July
You lived through the 1998 Ice Storm
You know what a Sugar Shack is
You take your holidays at the same time as the “Construction Holidays”
You order your pizza “all-dressed”
You can add GST/sales tax in your head faster than IBMs Watson
You Interac when you go shopping at the mall
You do the Québec Lotto every week though no one in Québec has ever won
You regularly see rubber chickens hiding in potholes
You laugh at 10 feet of snow and drive 100 km to visit friends
You know what a CEGEP is and went there before college
You know who Luky Luke, Asterix, Gaston, Tintin and Marsupilami are
You read Safarir magazine, L’Actualité or 7 Jours
You watch Passe-Partout, Les Filles de Caleb, La Petite Vie and Omerta
You know the difference between the SQ, SAQ and SAAQ
You know what BS is and is seen as derogatory
You live in the only province that has to fill out TWO tax returns
You carry a RAMQ card
Your girlfriend is a Blonde
You know who the PQ, PLQ, ADQ, QS or CSN, FTQ and CSQ and SFPQ are
You still mourn the loss of your Labrador
You know what the Caisse de dépôt is
You eat at Frite Alors or Ashton


  1. This is really clever, Alex. And it gives insight into the culture. What I especially like is that there’s wit, too. Well done!

    • Alex says

      Thank you, Margot. This was really fun to put together. After a number of years living here, you get to know what’s unique to Québec and Quebeckers in particular. They have a wicked sense of humour and are not above taking the Mickey out of themselves.

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