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The Fire Court

I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE ASHES OF LONDON, an historical murder-mystery by Andrew Taylor, and was delighted to hear he had written a follow-up, THE FIRE COURT. Of course I ordered a copy as soon as I heard, which I received this week and will be reading this weekend.

The Ashes of London is set in the aftermath of the Great Fire of London of 1666, wherein a number of ‘Fifth Monarchists’ continue to fan the flames of sedition long after the failed Commonwealth. We follow the fortunes and misfortunes of James Marwood, son of a traitor and reluctant Government informer. Aligned with Catherine ‘Cat’ lovett, herself a daughter of a fugitive ‘Regicide,’ James finds himself trying to stay one step ahead of the unfolding disaster and personal grief, as intrigue and murder stalk the streets of London.

So, of course, I’m excited to see where Taylor takes James and Cat next, amid the burnt embers of a devastated city.


  1. I’ll be honest; I’ve not (yet) read this one, Alex. But I have heard it’s very good, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

    • La Blonde says

      Indeed, I hope so too, Margot.

      I’ve read a few of Andrew Taylor’s books to date, and, bar one exception, have enjoyed them all. I really do enjoy well-written historical novels, and throw in a bit of murder and mayhem, and I’m hooked.

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