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I took an early bus up to the University Laval this morning, and the Roger Van den Hende Botanic Gardens to see what spring flowers were in bloom, and wasn’t disappointed. Though not in full-bloom yet, even though we’re well into the first week of May, there was, nonetheless, plenty to see. Including a few tulips, daffodils, primula, and the most gloriously perfumed hyacinths you could imagine.

I was also privy to a spectacular show of colour from any number of birds—some of whose names escape me—as they darted back and forth from the feeders.


  1. Kenny Harrison says

    Indeed, spring has arrived as shown by the lovely and varied flowers you froze in time. It’s fabulous to get out and about with camera and a mission.

    • Alex says

      We haven’t really had any decent weather since, would you believe, Easter, Kenny. So yes, it was a treat to grab the camera, after breakfast, and head on out to the gardens. Six hectares of rambling and organised gardens, trees, shrubs, and lots of flowers.

      More to come now the weather’s improved.

  2. Oh, those ‘photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them! They’re a real tonic. And there’s nothing like those blooms when you’ve had a long winter.

    • Alex says

      We always have a long, hard winter up here, in the Frozen North, Margot. So it’s as much of a treat for me, as for anyone else who stops by to read to see pretty pictures of flowers. And I’m glad you enjoyed them. It’s such a privilege to be able to visit these gardens, which are now open all year round.

      And, as I said to Kenny, there will be more as the seasons change.

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