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Phishing Scam

Apple warns customers to watch out for a new wave of App Store phishing emails.

If you receive an email supposedly from the Apple AppStore saying you subscribed to YouTube Red — a video streaming service— and, of course, you never signed up for said app, beware. It’s a scam!

I just received not one but two emails, but being alert, I went online to check out who the company was and if there was a scam going on. And yes, go check it out and be warned!

You can read all of Apple’s tips on its website here. The company encourages users who have received a suspicious email to forward it to:


    • La Blonde says

      I always share information about these kinds of scams, Margot, because we’re not all savvy enough to spot the real from the fake. It’s so easy to immediately react and then, get caught out having clicked on a link. And have who knows what happen … I have no desire to download an infected file onto my iMac.

      And yes, wholeheartedly, a pox on them all!

  1. Ain’t nothing sacred no more? I tell ya, it’s nasty out there in Cyberville. It’s too ridiculous to think of humanity as a viable species in the Universe. Thanks for the alert, as I haven’t seen this one, but I usually get the ones claiming that my iTunes account needs to be reset.

    • Alex says

      No, nothing will stop scumbags from being scumbas, Kenny. And yeah, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it. But I guess we’ll never know, and aliens, if they’ve any sense, will stay away from our backyard, right!

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