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Oops, I did it again!

Every time I do it, I promise myself, afterwards, that I won’t do it again. I won’t go into the bookshop with the Other half. I won’t look at the fiction section while they’re looking at business books.

I won’t, I tell myself.

But then. I wander in and see all the bright shiny covers, and I’m seduced all over again. Just like I was on Saturday. I absentmindedly (yeah, right, if you believe that you’ll believe anything!) picked up a brightly coloured book. And I mean, colourful—see, I was seduced—and flicked through to page one, and began reading. By page 32 I realized my Other Half was stood right next to me with that look on their face. You know the one. It says, ‘You poor thing, you did it again!’

And they were right. I was hooked.

With a slight sigh and a subtle nod of their head, we went to the till and I bought my bright, shiny, colourful book.

THE CUBAN AFFAIR by Nelson DeMille—go on, check it out. I dare you to ignore the cover.

Sorry, Andrew Taylor, but The Fire Court will have to wait till later. Mac and I have a date.


  1. Oh, I know exactly how that happens, Alex! You are not to blame for this. No-one can resist the allure of a cover like that. Or those magical shelves filled with all sorts of other books. I’d have done much the same thing. Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the novel.

    • La Blonde says

      It’s good to know I’m not alone in doing this. No wonder my TBR pile never shrinks, but grows exponentially. I just cannot resist … and yes, I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far. I’m looking froward to sitting out (for the first time) on my balcony, and reading more this afternoon.

  2. Kenny Harrison says

    I love bookshops with creaky wooden floors and a musty bouquet from books perched on dusty shelves, especially the shops operated by a bushy-browed proprietor who may reveal to you a secret backroom filled with first and rare editions.

    • Alex says

      Ah, Kenny, you are a man after my own heart. I love those kind of bookshops too, which are few and far between these days. That said, however, Chapters Indigo in Montreal is as close as we can get to that description, around here.

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