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I’m Fully Certified

They said we would have to wait anywhere upwards of three weeks to hear back from the RCMP, when I had my fingerprints done here, in QC. So I was surprised and very happy to find notification in my mailbox, late yesterday afternoon.

My application for a background check was done on the same day we uploaded my details to the RCMP, which is kind of impressive. It took three days for results to come back in, and another three days for the certificate to be cleared, signed, and yes, certified with a very impressive embossed seal.

So now I’m in receipt of my very official looking Police Certificate. Of course, we uploaded it straight away to the CIC website. As the sooner they are in receipt of all the relevant documents, the sooner my application can be assessed, vetted and a decision made, one way or the other.

Reading posts on the Forum Boards give mixed reviews of what happens next, at this point. All based I’m guessing on the case load of any given officer. According to some, we could hear back in days, weeks, or longer. But the general consensus is, that once you’ve done all the necessary background checks and have completed the medical, and if all are positive, then they outcome is more a formality than anything, and next up will be an interview. I hope so, as it will mean I am yet one more step closer to my dream.

I don’t do yoga and haven’t since my early twenties, when I still had a body that could turn itself into a human shaped pretzel. These days I do quiet meditation and focus on being Zen-like. Of course, a good coffee also helps.

What this also means is I have now been officially vetted, cleared, and certified by three different police forces, in my bid for Permanent Residency. The only other time(s) in my life where I have had this level and depth of intimate background vetting was during my military service, when I was vetted for a number of security clearances. So that at one point in time, I had the same level of security clearance as my boss.

These days, I think my clearance level extends to loaning a book from my local library!


  1. I’m very happy for you, Alex, that you’ve cleared all of these hurdles. I can only imagine what it must be like while you’re waiting to get those documents and that information. I hope that the rest goes very smoothly.

    • La Blonde says

      Thank you, Margot. While time consuming and, to put it bluntly, expensive, for the most part, the whole experience has been pretty straight forward so far. And documenting (blogging) about the experience has helped a great deal. It kind of puts it all in perspective. So many don’t get this chance.

  2. Kenny Harrison says

    I always knew you were certified. 🙂

    Congratulations! Permanent residency is round the corner for you.

    • La Blonde says

      Ha! Ha! I knew you would clue in on my title, Kenny! I’ve never been so documented in my entire life. It gives you pause about being a citizen, and seeking that honour in another country.

      And I hope you’re right, and that my corner is not to far away now. It would certainly go a long way to relieving some of this past year’s stress.

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