Dental Update

For those of you following along with my mini saga, I go for dental surgery … tomorrow.

After seeing the first dentist on Monday, I was given two options for my dental dilemma. Neither of them very desirable. But, given the crown is chipped, the root fixture is cracked, and the titanium post is bent. Which, I am told, is a first! I can no longer have a crown, as is.

The two options offered were polar opposites.

Option one: have the leftover root pulled. Cost: a couple hundred bucks. Con: gapping hole in the back of my mouth. Pro: will not affect my smile.

Option two: a dental implant. Cost: $5000 (faints!) Con: cost, cost, cost, and yes, considerable work would be needed (think several months and more pain!). Pro: guaranteed for life. Yeah!

So guess who has opted for option one? Yes, me. The dead root gets pulled tomorrow at 9 am.

Wish me luck, or something … I definitely need something.


  1. You’re right, Alex; neither option comes without cost, both financial and other. I wish you well as you go through this, and I hope it heals quickly.

    • La Blonde says

      This has been a costly dental dilemma from the beginning when I went with the crown to start with. Especially when told it would last upwards of ten years. Unfortunately, if we had hindsight or a crystal ball, we might make other choices, other decisions.

      Ah, such is life!

  2. Good luck, Alexandra! You’re strong and you’ll prevail with a speedy recovery and a terrific smile (or smirk, he, he, he). 🙂

    You’re in my thoughts, so no worries.

    • La Blonde says

      Thank you, Kenny. I’m hoping for the best, and will update everyone later tomorrow, all being well.

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