Let's Talk Books

To Read or not to Read.

What do you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you have time on your hands? Why, read, of course. It’s a gloriously sunny day, but the breeze is still a little on the brisk side, making it a lovely cold spring-like day. And, as the parks do not open till the first day of May, hereabouts, I’m looking at my TBR pile and deciding on who to read next.

Should I start with one of my more recent acquisitions, The Missing Informant by Anders de la Motte, and take a trip to Sweden, or should I go with The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale, and take a trip to 30s Texas. Maybe I should go with the last book at the bottom of the pile—Louise Penny’s Glass Houses—which I’ve been meaning to read for the last month or so.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood, especially when the weather is beckoning me. But I know better than to step outside right now, so I have to make a choice.

Come on, what’s it to be? Choose.


  1. Kenny Harrison says

    To stay inside or outside, that is a decision that requires careful analysis based upon all the available data, like number and genre of books versus the mysterious nature of sunshine in the Frozen North. Sunshine or rain, I’m getting reacquainted with stuff that is out there, well beyond the cracks in the air.

    • Alex says

      “Well beyond the cracks in the air … ” Priceless, Kenny! Indeed, now the days are getting longer, sunnier, and we’re actually getting temperatures above minus 5. I’m drawn to going for long walks in our local parks, and more, to visit the botanic gardens.

      But of course, I can always take a book along as one might a good friend. Now, I actually have choices.

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