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The Missing Informant

I finally settled down to do some reading this weekend, and went with Anders de la Motte’s THE MISSING INFORMANT. A book I thought to be the follow-up to his last book, THE SILENCED—a book I read last year. But then, a couple of pages in, I discovered that it was, in fact, the first book in a series.

Perviously released a couple of year back as the MEMORANDUM in Europe, The Missing Informant was released this year in larger format. I have a note in with my local bookseller to alert me if anything by this author (among others) crosses her desk. She too thought this was a new book never thinking it was a retitled re-release.

Never mind. I’m glad a I got to read it, and catch up on what was, for me at least, the prequel to The Silenced. I was finally able to fill in a few blanks when it came to David Sarac’s story, and what transpired between him, Wallin, Nathalie, and the rest of the cast. And how and why Atif was in Sweden to begin with. Everything fell into place and made sense. Not that I had any problem reading The Silenced to begin with. Which was in and of itself, a self contained story—but reading the pair back to back would, of course, have made more sense.

Still, reading them in reverse order didn’t detract from the excellent standard of storytelling and writing. And what must be the high calibre of translation from Swedish to English. Nothing seems to have been lost, certainly not from my point of view. Motte has an eye for detail and dialogue, and his characters, which ranged across the board, where all well described and believable including the tortured police detective, David Sarac—the man with no memory.

High intrigue, lies and deceit permeate a fast-paced thriller where no one can be trusted, and nothing and no one is as they appear to be, from the top on down.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Missing Informant just as much as I did The Silenced, and hope there’s more to come.


  1. Sounds intriguing. Gotta add this to my TBR pile which is stacking up! I really should start reading more but somehow I always get distracted by something else.

    Happy Monday, Alex.

    • La Blonde says

      Bonjour Veronica – I know what you mean about an ever growing TBR pile. Mine is no better, I am sure. For every one book I read I think I end up buying at least 2-3 titles more. And there’s always plenty to distract us, isn’t there? 😉

      Have a great week!

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