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The Medical

This week sees the next step along the road towards my Permanent Residency, with the request for a medical. Not just any ordinary medical, but the full-on head-to-toe medical demanded by the Canadian Government. One that can be done only by a handful of certified doctors, countrywide. And while there are several based in Montreal, there is only one here in Québec City. One!

Let that sink in.

I got confirmation by email, on March 20, saying I had a month in which to do my medical and send in the requested paperwork. Of course, within hours I was phoning the number I found online for the one and only doctor approved and certified. Problem was, his office was closed. It took two days, repeat, two days of leaving messages before I finally got an email from admin staff saying the doctor was on 3 weeks holiday!

[insert nuclear meltdown].

The earliest I could have an appointment was April 12th. Of course, I took it. By my reckoning I was cutting it fine. But had little say in the matter. That said, the admin staff informed me that I was okay, as I only had to ‘have’ the medical within the timeframe allotted, and that the Doctor’s office would, in fact, send along all necessary paperwork directly to Ottawa. And not to worry.

Being told not to worry, however, doesn’t stop me from worrying. As any mis-step along the way is cause enough to have my application thrown out.

It’s been six months of careful steps along the way. Completing first one request, then the next, in the chain of events needed to meet all the requested requirements. Even before someone sitting down to review my application, and giving the final say on whether I meet all those relevant and necessary criteria, and that I am acceptable. Thereby giving me that all important Governmental stamp of approval, and allowing a Permanent Residency Card to be issued.

It’s nerve-wracking and terrifying, as each hurdle is completed, and each hoop jumped through.