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I Have Fingerprints

Well, it seems I need not have fretted too much over having my fingerprints taken. Or trying to figure out what form I was supposed to download and fill out for the RCMP. There is no form. And the fingerprinting is done digitally. So no inky fingers. No storage in a system that might be hacked either.

The whole process took less than ten minutes from the second we walked through the door, till we left.

I guess having an appointment helped. I literally waited longer for the officer to fill out the on-screen request—that was submitted on my behalf—than it took to do the rest. And then, I was joking with the guy and walking out the door reassured that neither police force keeps my fingerprints on file longer than is necessary to do the background check. Which is a relief to know.

Also, the fees are all inclusive. Meaning, we paid a single fee at the Police Station for the whole process, which is inclusive of the RCMP fee as well.

So now I have a 2-3 week wait at most or, 5 working days at best, before I will receive notification directly from the RCMP. Funny thing is, I’m amassing more certificates now than at any other time in my life, proving who I am, and that I am of good character.

I should run for office!