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Facebook Facial Recognition

A couple of people asked me why I use an avatar as my image when I rejoined Facebook last month, to which I answered: People use cats, dogs, animals, anima and cartoon images, so why not a neat looking avatar?

It appears, I was probably channeling something because, as it turns out, Facebook is to face a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology, a California judge has ruled.

Poor Facebook … still want to hangout and share everything?


  1. Wise move! I am thinking of changing my photo to an avatar too. This is not the first time FB is misusing their users’ information.

    • La Blonde says

      Not the first time by far, Veronica, nor will it sadly, be the last. I took steps after it emerged what FB has let slip, to hide most of my personal data, or deleted anything of importance, from Facebook. And keep everything pretty much ‘Friends-only’.

      Not that is a perfect solution to quitting FB completely, but it’s probably the best we can do for now. Don’t get me started on what information Google collects about us all.

  2. Kenny Harrison says

    What Google collects is a whole other concern of mine, which will require me to channel PK Dick and drink Oban and fill a bowl. Maybe an off-grid commune is what we need, you think? 🙂

    • La Blonde says

      Off-grid commune, Kenny? Now why didn’t I think of that. But seriously, it really is like something from a bad TV sitcom, or SF novel. A far distant dystopian future come true: now.

      Maybe we just need to steel ourselves to the fact it’s a problem of our own making, and we just need to suck it up, and pull the plug. There must be some middle ground we can find where we can come online, connect with people, and not have the world try to snatch our underwear from us, while we’re still wearing it! 😀

      Maybe it’s time to resurrect personal blogging, like this? Where we still have some small margin of control.

      • Kenny says

        I’m still securing access points, changing logins and such, gutting FB down to a manageable/minimal presence, and feeling violated that my digital ecosystem was not as secure as I had thought. Retired from IT I can only blame myself, as I should have been more vigilant and paranoid.

        • La Blonde says

          I hear you. It’s difficult to deal with knowing some turd can do this to a complete stranger for no other reason than they can. But then, it does motivate us to get our ‘shit’ together. So I suppose that’s the silver lining here. Have a space that is as secure as we can make it, but also back-up in case of an attack. And yes, try be a little more vigilant.

          Not that we should have to, in an ideal world.

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