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Come Visit Québec City

Every Easter these last couple of years we take an annual walkabout around Old Québec. It’s become ‘our’ thing. The start of the good weather (usually) and the start of the main tourist season for Québec, and our ritual to shrug off the winter blues.

Port Saint-Jean

rue Saint-Jean

The weather didn’t disappoint us this weekend. It was warm(ish), clear blue skies, and the Old City was relatively quiet of tourists (for the moment). We started our walkabout in Place D’Youville, entering the Old City through the Porte Saint-Jean, and walking past restaurants and tourist shops along the lower rue Saint-Jean, headed towards Place de L’Hotel de Ville (City Hall) and the Cathedral, La Basilique Notre-Dame de Québec, sat opposite. A beautiful part of the city, which leads perfectly to the Chateau Frontenac and the Terrasse Dufferin offering commanding views looking out across the river, towards Levis, and even further, on a good day, towards Cap Tourmente up along the Beaupré coast.

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After a stroll along the Terrasse, we ambled slowly down the very steep Côte de le Montange to Place Royale—a beautiful preserved and restored section of Old Québec teeming with history and a sense of place, including the historic Église Notre-Dame des Victories. Before making our way to the Petite Champlain: a small cobblestoned alley filled with shops and restaurants. Always a must-see. From here it’s a short walk towards the Ferry Terminal, and a chance to walk along the mighty St-Lawrence river and the newly opened Parc des Canotiers.

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