By Candle Light

Can someone please explain to me what happened to lightbulbs. When did we go from having cheap incandescent bulbs that fuelled our winter-nights with light to read by, to mercury-filled, evil planet-polluting $6 spotlights which, while they are supposed to last several times longer, don’t?

I ask because yet another bulb plinked out of existence in the bathroom, and plunged me into semi-darkness as I eh, well, you don’t need to know what I was doing.

That’s the third bulb this month, which seems a little excessive to me for supposedly super bulbs. Seriously, this is getting out of hand. I might have to take out a Bank Draft just to keep up with the exorbitant cost of buying the damn things.

I think I need to write a letter of disgruntled complaint to our Prime Minister.

Dear Mister Trudeau no, wait, he’s a PM, I have to get the opening salutation right. Dear Expletive

Okay, forget the disgruntled letter.

Even if I could find a shop selling good old fashioned lightbulbs that have long since been discontinued. I have nowhere and no way in which to use them, given I live in a rental apartment—It’s spotlight madness in here; every room is fitted out as if I’m living in a Car Dealership showroom. I think they can see me from the Space Station at night!

What’s a person to do?

Please, send candles lots of candles! Yeah, candles, that’ll work won’t it?


  1. Kenny says

    LMAO!!! I’ve switched over to LED bulbs during the past few years without regret. Some LEDs are dim friendly, too! I prefer soft lighting and feel flood lighting up in the ceiling canisters violates my personal boundaries. Like you, I don’t want the ISS to poke fun at my writing uniform. 🙂

    • Alex says

      Oh how I wish, Kenny. LEDs would be the perfect choice, but this place was built by someone who either had a surplus of spotlights or knew a contractor who had them going cheap. We didn’t really think about it when we moved in. You know, there were so many other concerns like, not having hot and cold running mould everywhere! 😉

      Yeah, I think the ISS has incriminating photos of me in my Union Jack undies, Kenny!

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