The Silence is Deafening

The only thing stuck on me, at the moment, is a starfish that came home with me from the Aquarium. It’s not like I stole it. It hitched a ride up my sleeve. Seriously, I tried to get it back in the water … but what the hell. I need a pet to talk too.


We cut the cord. We dumped our cable subscription … hasta la vista Videotron. And the silence? Is deafening. I swear I can hear my own thoughts following me from room to room, having a conversation I’m not invited to. I didn’t bring pretzels.

So a pet? Yeah, it was a fleeting thought that passed through then was gone as quickly as it came. I mean, a dog or a cat are a lot of effort. They need care. But a starfish … in a tank? You can see where I’m going with this. Self-contained. Doesn’t need petting, or walks, or treats. I can tap the tank and babble on endlessly about everything and nothing. Perfect.

How long do starfish live? What shall I name him? Hell, what do starfish eat? How big is this sucker going to grow?

Damn, I knew it, I’ll have to give him back. I’m not cut out for motherhood. Maybe a plant … yeah, a plant!