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Lost In The Forest

If you are lost in the forest, burn it down.

I have to ask, is that sane, practical advice to give anyone, let alone advice you want to take yourself? No, of course not.

I would like to believe only a crazy person would be so stupid as to think that burning down an entire forest is a viable way to get out of the mess they’ve made. But apparently, I’m in the minority. It seems close members of my family think it is better to burn down the forest rather than take logical steps to find a way out.

Why do I mention this? Because a niece of mine decided it was easier to ‘napalm’ the situation she found herself in, rather than communicate her way out of it. As a result, all the bridges between us have been incinerated, and every road or avenue that we once shared, now gone: burnt to a crisp.

There’s no taking back what was said. No going back to how things were, good or bad.

Do we blame it on a Millennial mindset, a lack of communication skills, or on people who prefer taking the easy way out? The truth may be lost in translation, as I feel like I no longer speak the same language as anyone under the age of 30. Hell, under the age of 40!

So here I stand, outside the conflagration, and blink back tears. I don’t know if it’s from all the smoke still lingering between us … or from the fact we’ll never talk again.

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