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It’s Art …

No, Really … It’s Art!

This has to be one of the strangest Art installations that are dotted around the Old Quarter, this summer. It’s a mini man-made island with glowing green animals that don’t quite make up the pairs that might have boarded Noah’s Arc. Worse, they’re this colour because they glow at night!

Even more scary, if you look closely, amid the bears, kangaroo, and other so-called ‘normal’ animals, there appears to be a mini person with a horned bull’s head. If it’s there to frighten the ducks away, it’s not working. They seems to fit right in and have made this floating structure, their home.

At least they seem to appreciate the art!


Mother Nature sure knows how to express Herself. I’m patiently waiting for a hail storm to arrive. No, really … I know we won’t get one, still, a part of me wonders if She might find time to squeeze it in. Given we’ve had everything but snow today!

We had heavy mists this morning, sunshine, dark thunderous clouds, sunshine, lightning somewhere in the distance, more sunshine, more clouds, hot winds, roaring winds, and just now, a torrential downpour … what’s next?

We still have a few more hours of daylight left.