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Day 18: Cap Rouge

Another perfect day to go for a walkabout, with blue skies, puffy white “Simpson” clouds and light breezes tempering the heat that is sure to come. My partner had a hankering to go somewhere a little off the beaten track, for us at least—Cap Rouge. It’s something of a bus ride away, and then there’s the hill. Down.

And where there is a down, you know what comes next. Up. We haven’t been here since we gave up the car and took to using the buses to get around the city. Not only is it a little more green using the bus, it’s easier for us, in the city centre, than constantly figuring out where to park and more. How much it’s going to cost.

But getting to Cap Rouge, on the other side of the city, takes two buses. And a very long walk down a steep hill. When all was said and done, we got there and were glad we made the effort. At the bottom of the hill, in the small hamlet, nothing more than a historic village, a church, and some prime real estate on the St. Lawrence river, plus a surprise—Cap Rouge’s very own elevated rail track. Impossible to miss!

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Day 16: Plains of Abraham

Today we had something of a late start to our morning having gone to sleep with the windows closed, last night. Due to the rain, I might add, and not because of any heat issues. And while we might have hoped for cooler weather today—after yesterday’s day of rain—it dawned humid, hot, and sunny.

Change of plans. Instead of a long walk, we shifted to our Plan B. Took a short bus ride to the Grand Theatre de Québec (under reno), and headed for the Jeanne D’Arc Gardens. Which was to be our start point of a short walk around the Plains of Abraham, the historic site where the French and British, under the commands of Montcalm and Wolfe, battled for supremacy.

This was to be a monument walk around the Plains, however, the city doing a year of refurbishment and repair works, also included works in and around the plains. Walls being rebuilt, monuments cleaned, areas re-grassed, that sort of thing. So our short walk tuned out even shorter than expected. Which, given the humidity by 11 am—30 degrees and climbing—it was just as well to call it a day.

What we did see—other than the summer flowers in the Jeanne D’arc gardens—where two of the surviving Martello Towers (one being under restoration,) some breath-taking views out across the St. Lawrence river, and the newly reconstructed Armoury, which burnt down almost to the ground 10 years ago.

History, heritage, and grand views!

Day 14: Rain & Baseball

It had to happen. It was only a matter of time before the run of such great weather was interrupted. We have a very light drizzle falling at the moment. And, with the temperature, I guess standing in it would be akin to a warmish shower. But I’m not so inclined to find out. Let’s just say the balcony garden is in need of the refresh and leave it at that!

But that’s okay, we intended taking an “admin” day today anyway, as we were at the Baseball last night, watching the Capitales—our team—get resoundingly whipped by the Boulders of Rockland (and of course, they would have to have a nickname like ‘Boulders’). 

We lost 6 to 2, but everyone still had a great time and enjoyed the 10 minute firework display at the end of the match, regardless of who won or lost. And, despite the loss to Rockland, the Capitales are still in second place in the league with Rockland right behind them, in third. Oh, and we were champions last year, so maybe we can make it to first again, this year!

Of course, we’re happy we didn’t book our tickets for today. You know, with the light drizzle and all.

So, how’s your Saturday going?